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Whisper22 02-19-2011 06:23 PM

Honestly didn't think she would do it
So I don't have a question or anything, just an experience to share.
My husband and I own a Percheron/QH and an Arab/Paint that we board at his sisters house. My sister in law and her husband also own two horses as well as a mini stud and paint that belongs to someone else. The other horses are extremely mellow, low key horses. Definately not worried about drawing attention to themselves. I wish I could same the same for our two. The slightest breeze sends my arab into a bucking fit, running in circles where she usually makes a fool out of herself at least once. It's cute though. The percheron on the other hand is spunky in a not so cute way. More like a bully to the other horses. When she starts running around the other horses better get out of the way because I've never seen a horse twist her butt around and kick out to the side quite like she can. She also likes to run full speed at the fence only to stop right as you think there's no hope. This isn't a behavior she displays with us when we are working with her and is actually a very inteligent girl, so it wasn't something I was really worried about until recently.
The other day we were visiting our horses which usually turns into a whole family thing with our kids and their cousins playing while we all sit around and talk, the other owners and their kids were also there working with the paint, so needless to say there was quite a crowd. All of the horses where in the corral together except the paint who was getting ready to go out on a ride. Now usually our percheron is kept in a stall for the time being because the corral is under construction being extended and there are pannels that are not cemented yet, just tied up, and she tends to test her weight on things to see if she can move them. So we let her out to get exercise when we are there to watch her. On this particular day that made no difference.
At one end of the corral there is a pannel only about four feet tall, a good foot and half shorter than the rest. At the other end is the road just on the other side of the fence. So a horse and rider come walking by from down the road, sending all of the horses, for a change, running down to that end. I was standing at the far end watching the whole thing, about six feet down from the short pannel. So our percheron turns as soon as the horse is out of sight and runs full speed back in my direction except right at the short pannel. Now I don't know if it was because she couldn't see the pannel because it was shorter than the others or if she knew exactly what she was doing but experience told me she was going to stop, however that's not what happened. She half jumped half plowed right through that pannel, scarring the crap out of me and leaving me scrambling to make sure all the kids were out of the way from whatever direction she decided to go. Fortunately she was in heat and trotted right over to the minis stall to stick her butt in his face and there she sat for us to catch her. Now we are the owners of the psycho bully on the property not just the bully.
Sorry about the long story, I just felt like I had to set up the whole picture. Props to anyone that reads the whole thing lol. And I know this wasn't a question but feel free to share your experiences or comments.

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