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Haylee 02-19-2011 09:36 PM

Sun Burn?
My horse's face is half white, and has a white nose, and that whole side of his neck is white too. I live in Kansas, and it gets pretty sunny up here. He has 2 blue eyes as well, and I was needing to know if I need to get him a flymask, or how it is I can prevent a sunburn from happening.

mmpgrumpy 02-19-2011 10:14 PM

I would recommend getting a flymask. If his nose is getting sunburnt, you can put sunscreen on it before you turn him out. A flymask and sunburn worked wonders for my pink-skinned horse here in Florida.

mmpgrumpy 02-19-2011 10:16 PM

My mind works faster than my fingers.

CCH 02-19-2011 10:37 PM

Definitely purchase a flymask and consider sunscreen. The neck probably won't need sunscreen unless she is very thin coated and you can see the skin through the hair. However, when I show my extreme white paint (see avatar) outside and he is going to sweat, the sweat makes his skin vulnerable to the sun and I use a spray on sunscreen.
My white-nosed horses get slathered with sunscreen before they go out if the UV index is going to be anything higher than 2. The one I like best is Hawaiian Tropic Sport 60+ It seems to absorb and dry the best, cheaper brands don't seem to stay on as well or last as long. You can look into the long-nosed flymasks as well. I bought the kensington "bug eye" with optional nose piece. Seems like a great idea, but I found that the eyes are constantly being popped in :( The only long nosed one I like so far is the cashel brand, but it definitely doesn't fit as well as the farnam supermasks do.

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