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Skivvers 04-14-2008 03:32 PM

Flying leads..
Well, my sweetie and I have decided to have a go at 3-day eventing. I love cross country and show jumping...but there's dressage. I really don't like it but I work on it anyways. Along with dressage I need flying changes and side passes and things. We do most of the moves but we still can't get Flying Changes, we do simple changes well. I do Flying changes with my mom's horse because she is trained in western pleasure. I learned how to cue and ride them, now I just need him to learn the cue and get them.
I work on figure 8's and start slow simple changes then gradually get faster. Then I try the flying change after we can't get any faster. He got his lead once but the rest of the time he ends up cross-firing. I fix it but then it happens again.
Any tips on helping him learn them?

Sara 04-15-2008 02:40 PM thing we do sometimes is set up a ground pole in the middle of the figure 8, or serpentine, or wherever you are going to initiate the change. Then you ask for the change just as the horse is going over the pole. Ideally, you shouldn't have to use this...but the world is not always so ideal:P Just keep in mind that the horse just may not be quite ready for flying changes, you may just need to be patient and work on the building blocks more, not just simple changes.

I found a short description of the technique online here:

Quoted from the link:
"If you are having difficulty teaching your horse the flying change of lead, place a pole on the ground twelve feet from the arena railing, lying parallel to the railing. Canter your horse toward the railing and, as the horse takes off to hop the pole, ask for the flying change. The pole will give the horse a little extra elevation, which makes it easier for the animal to do the change, and the barrier of the railing will encourage the horse to make a clean change--that is, to change both in front and behind. Ride a figure eight pattern, asking for the change each time your reach the pole. After doing this exercise several times each day for about a week, try taking the pole away and performing the figure eight, asking for the changes at the place the pole used to be.

Be sure you are not throwing the weight of your upper body toward each desired lead (hehe, this was MY problem when I was learning the aids), but are properly using the aids of an indirect rein and outside leg--that is, for the right lead, use a right indirect rein with your left leg applied in "behind-the-girth" position, which is about four inches farther back than your leg would normally be. For the left lead, the aids are reversed--left indirect rein with the right leg in behind-the-girth position.

Also, be sure to stay with the motion of the horse as it jumps the pole, rather than letting your seat pound onto the horse's back. By tilting forward slightly on your crotch as the horse crosses the pole, you'll prevent being left behind."

Skivvers 04-15-2008 04:20 PM

that's awsome, thanks :)

My trainer has gotten a couple changes from him and he has all the building blocks he needs. So we just need to get the change! I'm going out tommorrow and will try that tecnique. Thanks again!

Sara 04-15-2008 04:47 PM

No problem, hope it helps. Is that the horse in your avatar? He's a cutie!

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