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Diegosmom 02-20-2011 08:53 PM

Went to see this TWH today
Very nice horse priced at $4500.if i dont find something else i might make her an offer what do yall think..whats she worth..$4500 is over my budget so i just want to know what a good offer would be

15 hands 5 years old.great blood lines

Guilherme 02-20-2011 09:37 PM

The horse seems nice enough but $4500 is a lot of money in today's market for a Walker. If it were five years ago I'd say it's fair. Today fair would likely be 30%-35% in round numbers.

Because this mare has a pretty color and seems to be well trained you might add anouther 10%.

One thing that did bother me was in the "long" shots the mare seemed to be all other the map with her nose. I could not see any good reason for it; maybe somebody else sees something I don't.


Ladytrails 02-20-2011 09:49 PM

It seemed that she had trouble settling into a smooth gait, or was it just the way the video was done? She seemed to want to trot -- not a 4-beat running walk that I expected. She's a beautiful mare but she's not what I'd call finished, especially if they're serious about anything close to $4500.

equiniphile 02-20-2011 10:10 PM

I would not pay more than $1500 for this mare. Even for a gaited horse, her head seems very high, and it looks like she's pacing some of the time. She is a nice horse, but she's not worth $4500.

vivache 02-20-2011 10:16 PM

Hollow as a bird's bone.

Hollow ponies pace.

I'd pay $1200.

Macslady 02-21-2011 06:44 AM

Wow you all are generous, I don't like the way she moves in the video, however I do love the bottom one where you get a great shot of her pooping. That shows me nothing of how she gaits. What was the defect with the front that they didn't show it. She is nowhere near finished. When that girl stopped her she should have stopped and stood for whatever period of time her rider asked. She looks like she straight reins too since the girl was all over in her face. In my area $750 - $1000 if she is fully registered.

Personally I would keep looking.

paintluver 02-21-2011 08:50 AM

I don't know she just doesn't look like a $4500 horse. I don't know if it is just me but for some reason she just doesn't look like a comfortable ride to me. I would probably pay $500 to $1000 for her. But not more.

WalkerLady 02-21-2011 11:03 AM

In the first video the rider was bouncing and a bouncing rider means a pace. The videos just weren't well done at all and I couldn't get any idea from them how well she may settle into a gait once she gets going. Could you get more footage? In any event $4500 is a heck of a lot of money in today's market. Very nice gaited horses are going for far less.

Diegosmom 02-21-2011 11:14 AM

I was the camrea taker.I had a hard time taking video and watching the road.Here s another Mare i went to see as well.I liked her except she was spooked at some was a hell of a windy day out so IDK.I liked this one but the spooking kinda irritated me seeing that thats why i am selling my current horse and buying a new one.But of course they all said and even her trainer she has NEVER acted this way before.
H & H Stables

Endiku 02-21-2011 12:32 PM

I personally don't think either of those two mares are worth their asking prices. The chestnut- as everyone else has said- seems unfinished, antsy at the halt, and she's not doing a true four beat walk. Her rider is obviously being jostled a bit in the first video.

The black mare has a few faults too. First, I do not like her connection to the bit at all. She definately seems to be the type to move her head a lot as she is ridden, and she seems to both ignore some of the man's cues (you can see that he has to encourage her quite often to keep her pace) and be a bit nervouse/spooky. She spooked a little bit atleast once in the video.

If you're wanting a horse that doesnt spook, and you're giving up and selling the one you have had, I would say don't give the black mare a second thought UNLESS you're willing to help her along, and possibly finish her training as she still seems to elude the bit and leg cues more than she should. The chestnut depends. I definately would NOT pay 4,500. I also live in Texas, and I wouldnt pay much more than $2000 for her. She's a nice little mare, but she still needs a lot of work.

it also depends on if you're wanting a TWH specifically for their gait on if you should go ahead and purchase one of the two. They arent BAD horses, just not the definition of 'nice.' Have you seen them go through their other gaits also? Surely you wont ALWAYS want to go at that exact pace, wherever you go =] your decision should depend a lot on the choppiness and the figure of their other paces.

Good luck, and I'd personally say keep looking. You can find horses just as good as those two for less, or a better one for about the same price.

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