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Horsequeen08 02-21-2011 01:37 PM

traveling long distance
I'm a graduating college student, and while this question isn't pertint right this second, I like to plan ahead. I may end up moving across the country within a year or so, and of course, I want to take my horse with me. Assuming I'm driving all that way, how does one go about transporting a horse for several days? Where could I keep my horse during the night when I get a hotel to sleep before hitting the road again? Would I have to contact several barns along the way to see if I can pay a fee to have my horse stay overnight just for a night, like some people do at shows? Can horses handle the stress? Thanks!

Left Hand Percherons 02-21-2011 08:43 PM

It's good to plan ahead.

You've got tons of options when traveling cross country with horses. You have state and county fairgrounds that are always open to travelers (provided it isn't fair time). Typically stalls are $10-20/night. With the internet, you can also find camping destinations that will allow overnighters (not on major routes). The best resource are sites like this. Just post your itinerary and find BBs along the way who are willing and able to put you up or know of accommodations close by (and they might feed you too). When I've travelled with horses, I like to stay on the interstate. Gas stations are all easy on easy off. There is nothing worse than pulling into a 2 bit town on a country road and not fitting into the gas station with your rig or no one has diesel. I budget 50 miles per hour. That will take care of your down time (fuel, pit stops, food...). So in a 10 hour driving day, I plan on covering 500 miles. I've done as much as 800 but it was one day only. I was hauling unhandled weanlings and they did just fine. You can't string multiple days like that and live to tell about it.

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