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CJ82Sky 02-21-2011 06:24 PM

the Metaphysical thread!!
so this is for shasta bc i went to Reiki class this weekend and i'd also love to hear more from anyone who is Reiki certified, as well as anyone who's had Reiki sessions, what it was like, etc., and anything else metaphysical!

i went to a class this weekend and am finally Reiki I certified! i love it. class was great, learned about the chakras and have been practicing on my animals, and going to work on myself some more tonite which is pretty cool. it's hard to explain but you can really feel energy flow and what not.

i've always tended towards non traditional stuff like this, and we've used an animal communicator at our farm and with our animals for years so to me it just logically makes sense. of course now it's a matter of practicing and then continuing on to do Reiki II and going from there. i've also always been able to "see" (feel?) past lives (not sure how to say that to describe it - it's weird haha) and hear thoughts, especially animals which is great esp when riding so that if i am crooked or something and i don't feel it, my horses will often tell me where my weight is uneven, why they are leaning on my leg, etc. :) good stuff!

i'd love to hear everyone's experiences with Reiki (or really anything metaphysical for that matter!)

MIEventer 02-21-2011 09:17 PM

I don't think I have any experiences with Reiki - but I think it is cool! Why not right? Our ancient ancestors were really big into this healing and process, so why not venture into this other "relm" today? Even though this era is so Scientific and Medical, our Ancients paths are still in existance.

I believe in those who are Psychics, and those who can communicate with animals. I think that the real ones are few and far between, but they are out there. You just have to be careful as to whom you turn to, and whom you choose to believe.

The experience I had, was wonderful and amazing! The lady whom I had read Nelson, is the sure thing.

She never met Nelson a day in her life, and she isn't from around the area so she doesn't know him personally or know of him, or his history.

The first thing she said was "This horse is depressed" and of course, I asked "why" and that lead to a whole back story. She told me that he feels that he doesn't have a "place" or belongs anywhere because he has been bought and sold so many times. He feels that he is used for his abilities, and then dumped.

He lost faith/trust in Human Kind because of this, and doesn't trust people. She told me that he doesn't see himself as the 16.3hh beautiful TB that he is, but he sees himself as a short, rolly polly, short legged pony.

I told him that he was going to be with me "till death do us part" and he said "proove it. that's what they all say" - she then turned to me and told me that I had a lot of work ahead of me, to show him that I love him for who he is, not what he can do.

She then went on to talk about "The Girl". I asked "who is that?" and she explained to me, his story.

I have to say though, that all the while she was "reading" Nelson - she was standing in his stall, on his left side with her right hand on his shoulder. Her head was down and she was breathing deep while looking at the ground.

Anyways, back to "The Girl" - she was his 4th owner and he loved her very, very much. She was young, in her early teens and they did everything together. They showed together, did lots of jumping, and she spent hours apon hours with him. She would sit in his stall while he ate, and would read books to him. She talked to him as though he was her equal, and they were inseperable.

Until one day, she didn't show up. It was his regular routine - being brought into the barn with his friends to eat, and then all his friends riders came for them, but she didn't show up. He waited, and waited, and waited, and still, she never arrived.

He repeated the same process the next day, waiting for her, and still no where. And the next day, and the next. That was the point where he got very depressed, lost faith and felt abandoned. He had no idea what he did wrong, why she wasn't there - he felt lost.

Then that was when his 5th owner came into the picture. He was taken away from all he knew. He never saw her again.

So - I had a lot of work ahead of me. I spent a lot of time with him, on the ground, to show him how much I loved him and that I wasn't going to do that to him. I did a lot of Natural Horsemanship with him, spending time to groom him and just be with him.

After some time together, we moved to the barn I am at discover, that was the barn he was at, when "the girl" dissapeared on him. I asked the BO who she was, and I was given a name and date and everything there was to her and Nelson's life together while at this barn.

I was astonished. I discovered who "The Girl" was, and the story that the animal communicator gave me, was ture and accurate.

So, I had her come back out after 3 years together, and the first thing she said to me when she walked into the barn was "This horse will do anything for you"


CJ82Sky 02-21-2011 09:26 PM

i LOVE it thanks for sharing!!!

me and my horses have had many years and lives together. i'll have to share the story of me and ridge - i will later or tomorrow i promise. while we've had many lives, he went to slaughter when i was a teen - and i saved him from slaughter this time around... yeah it's a good story!

Shasta1981 02-21-2011 10:44 PM

So how does the reiki work? Have you done the reiki with any of your pets and if so does one species respond better than another? Sounds interesting!

Mieventer that's a crazy story! How cool that you were able to see for yourself that "the girl" was real!

Amba1027 02-21-2011 11:24 PM

I don't have any stories to share or anything. I just wanted to say I love this type of thing. I will definitely be watching this thread.

CJ82Sky 02-22-2011 08:54 AM

i'm still learning more about reiki but in short it is "universal energy" so it heals through universal energy rather than personal energy. i used to do something similar instinctually as a child when i had headaches and hold my hands on opposite sides of my head (in accordance with the location of the headache) and imagine drawing the headache out - i was 10 or so? so while i couldn't explain it, it worked haha.

i've been practicing on my animals and for the most part they like it. it draws out negative and speeds up healing which is great, but as it does so it draws out the associated pain - so for example my one cat got fleas from a mouse that got in the house. treated him with flea meds to kill the fleas. he was scratching his back and irritated the skin making it scaly and a little scabby. as the scabs dried and healed, they got itchy again, so (like a kid haha) he'd scratch til it was raw again. as i did reiki on him, he wanted it on his back so he'd move so my hands were over his back. but it drew out the irritation making it itchy so he got annoyed and walked away. my reiki master (teacher) said to focus on head/neck of animals and let their bodies distribute the energy - so i tried that and if he moved, i moved my hands so they stayed by his head and neck. i was able to feel that a big part of the issue was the flea meds (frontline) had irritated his stomach, throwing off his system and causing dry skin bc he wasn't getting the nutrients he needed. so healing from the skin out wasn't really the solution. so i focused the energy going from his head down to his belly and healing from the inside.

a few weeks ago diane (reiki master - she's my teacher and one of my best friend's moms) did the same thing on him and it was the first thing that started to help. made sense that i was able to figure out the source and send healing energy there in small doses and have been doing this with him a few times a day and he seems to like it. too much and he gets antsy and will walk away - but the good thing is it's not like you can hurt them with the energy - they will just walk away when it's enough.

my dog LOVES it. wanted his paws done because they were cold from being outside and his head and then was smiling at me haha.

i am interested to use it on my horse lucky with the back injuries and see if i can't help heal that - in the past he responded well to a massage therapist that also did reiki so we will see. fingers crossed!

Shasta1981 02-22-2011 07:57 PM

I definitely want to hear if you use it with lucky! So what if you have no idea what the problem is but you are just trying figure it out? Would it help there? Are you supposed to meditate regularly? How do you keep up with it? Sorry for all of the questions! =)

CJ82Sky 02-22-2011 09:08 PM

i'm still learning too and for the life of me can't find a good link with the info on how it works. it's hard to describe bc so much is feeling as opposed to what to do if that makes sense. i'm going to try to look it up and see if i can find you a good link on actual info so that i can talk to how i feel / my personal experiences and the info on what it is and how it works is correct (i don't want to misexplain it!).

aside from reiki - what about hearing thoughts? seeing ghosts? talking to their animals? and remind me and i'll post about ridge - actually nearly all my animals and i have histories. incl why sky will do hunter paces and not event (based on a life in old england).

CJ82Sky 02-22-2011 09:21 PM

hmm this may help some: Reiki FAQ Section

CJ82Sky 02-28-2011 09:30 AM

so yesterday i spent some time with Lucky - my OTTB who has sustained several severe back injuries that have never healed right (vet believes last one was damage to ligaments alone the spine so makes sense). he's had issues for years and we really have nto been able to progress at all beacuse after gettin ghim in work for a few weeks, his back gets sore and we can't ride. of course the injury site is right under where the saddle goes.

well he's only been ridden once a few weeks ago, longed a few times, and had a massage from my friend who is an equine massage therapist in the past 4 weeks. minimal work at all really. so yest i brought him in, did his stretches, groomed him, and then spent some time doing reiki on him. BEST RIDE EVER (i mean he hasn't been ridden since fall of '09 other than ONCE a few weeks ago) and he was actually almost tracking up, stretching, and not nervous and anxious like he usually is!!!! it was amazing!!! i'm sure that the reiki helped the energy & blood flow to the back muscles which he so needs!!! hopefully when we ride more next weekend i'll have more great updates to share! :)

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