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Eliz 02-23-2011 10:38 PM

UGH! I'm going to have to start robbing banks or something..! :evil:

I've been boarding Vinnie for $60/month at this Lady's place.. Not really a boarding facility but she has great arenas/riding areas. Anyway, she asked me if I could move Vinnie out, as she is getting some problems with her hips (she is older) and wants to only have about 5 horses (hers) there for her to feed.

Now I'm stressing about what I'm going to do with him. I have my own place, but it is not ideal. I have no arena, just basically pasture thats more suited for cattle then horses. I could fix it up for a temporary thing. I would also like having V closer (right now he's 30 mins away) so I could ride/see him almost every day. Usually, I only get to see him on the weekend because I work until dark. It sucks so bad, I'm ready for daylight savings!!

Anyway, I'm wanting to get V into eventing (or any discipline for this season or the next, as right now we're just kind of drifting). Problem is cost. All of the reputable barns around here cost about 375-550/month to board AND are about 50-60 miles away. I just aquired a car payment (on top of all my other payments) AND going to the barn he is boarded at 50-60 miles away even 3-4 days per week would be crazy gas money.

I found a barn that would let me work off some of my board, I'm going to go check it out this weekend to see if I like their instruction, etc. However, if I started working there for board I'd probably have to be there more like 5-7 days a week. I would be able to make it there as far as time management goes, but gas money.. maybe not.

The only option I see is to get another job, which would be OK if I could just work there on weekends or something. Still, I'm not sure how quickly I'd be able to get one, and how long I could stand having V here all by himself in a pasture fit for cattle.. Lol.

I wish I could just do haul-ins, but I do not own a trailer, and even if I did I suck at driving with one so.. :lol:

Sorry about the rant, & this thread is kind of pointless, but I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do. :cry:

LoveMyDrummerBoy 02-23-2011 10:55 PM

I'm sorry that your having to deal with this. I've found that It always seems like the best places are the farthest away. I hope for you that the place that allows you to work off your board works out. Maybe you could make a deal with them, like cheaper board but you have to be responsible to clean his stall.

Good luck to you. :)

Eliz 02-23-2011 10:58 PM

Thanks for your encouraging words!
Hopefully when I go to talk to them Sunday I can get something worked out.

smrobs 02-23-2011 11:18 PM

I'm sorry you're in that position. I'm sure it sucks to be an eventer in cowboy country, I can only imagine trying to find a decent trainer/instructor in this part of the world.

No advice but I will offer you a hug:hug:.

Eliz 02-24-2011 09:30 PM

Aw, thanks smrobs.

I'm just taking it one step at a time at this point, its all I can do :)

Hidalgo13 02-25-2011 09:52 PM

It really sucks what you're going through. :cry:
Sensitive as I am, a situation like that in my life would probably give me more white hairs! MOney can be stressful...
Yes I am 16 and I already have 2 white hairs. :-| At first I thought they were just really thick, short, super blond hairs (since my hair is composed of very very blond, to very dark brown hair)... but after a check with my sister who has a few of her own, it was confirmed that I really had... 2 WHITE HAIRS!:oops:


I'm sorry that your having to deal with this. I've found that It always seems like the best places are the farthest away.
Very true! All the really posh barns (not that one needs anything posh) but you know they have high standards and everythign is done well and to perfection... anyhow they are all in Tumbouctou! >translation in case no one knows what I mean: very far away! 45-50 min or more...

I was lucky to find my dream barn 15 min away! Something I could not imagine possible since I live in the city. BUt my barn is on an Indian reserve which explains why it's so close to the city... they don't really believe in turning everything into concrete and saved a small spot to build a niiice english stable lol. :P And i don't pay taxes so even though lessons are a lot, there are advantages. Especially since they got a tack shop... which is filled with very good quality items... very expensive quality items... buuuuut ya save on taxe and gas right?
BUt keep looking! You might just find a barn that's close and will let you pasture board for cheap??? I wish you luck and hope everything works out! Truly. :(

I know how stressful money can be. :( I pay for everything, and thank god I don't have a horse because full board is 500. Lessons keep my bank account wiped clean enough lol! :P

You know... how about we rob a bank together? Half and half, what dya say? :wink:

Eliz 02-25-2011 11:40 PM

Deal! :D You run in and I'll drive us away!
Nothing close to me is very good quality, as far as trainer go. The closest thing with good trainers is 45-60mins away. There are some decent places to board here within 15 minutes, but I really need a trainer and a place I can train at. I've been thinking if I HAVE to, I suppose I could pasture board around here then just take eventing lessons and use what I've learned to work with my horse, but still, eyes on the ground and more personalized help would be the best option.

Sadly, I may have to wait another week to check out the barn I'm interested in because of the darn weather :(

However, my neighbor's across the street have a pretty nice arena and barn and they said I could keep Vinnie there temporarily. So I'm covered there, I just need to find where I'm going to move him! Like I said, one baby step at a time! :)

Off topic, but you're 16 and you can afford to pay 500 board?! I don't think I could've afforded that when I was 16, even if I didn't have a car payment/insurance! :)

Hidalgo13 02-26-2011 09:30 AM


Off topic, but you're 16 and you can afford to pay 500 board?! I don't think I could've afforded that when I was 16, even if I didn't have a car payment/insurance! :)
haha noooo! That's the point! I can't! :P It's a good price for full board for so close to the city (and for a stable that's big and clean), but no at the moment I really can't! I struggle to pay for my lessons. They're 45 for semi private (50 for private and my trainer doesn't do group)... she believes you progress better in the beginning if you're only with one or two other riders max. :) Yaa, but thank goodness they have packages. If i pay for 10 lessons in one shot I get the 10th lesson for free. so I pay 405 instead of 450. MAkes a great difference in my little life. :P

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