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petitepyromaniac 02-24-2011 01:01 AM

Another Webber Question- Sorry!
Are they harsh on leather saddles? As in, do they rub on your saddle's flap more than leathers? I thought about getting Bates Webbers if the Wintec ones rub too much, but I heard that the Bates have synthetic undersides. Is that true? If so, what's the point?!

Also, for a 32" inseam, would you recommend 24" or 28" for jumping?


bsms 02-25-2011 12:33 PM

The Wintec webbers are artificial, and I've read they will cause excessive rubbing on a leather saddle. I haven't tried mixing so I don't know.

According to Bates, " Bates Webbers are made in luxurious Bates leather to perfectly match your Bates saddle and feature a webbing core which ensures that they will not stretch and cause unevenness."

IMHO, they don't have enough adjustment holes so it is tough to guess the right length to buy - depends not only on your leg but how you like your stirrups. You stick a T-bar into a hole, and the strength of the thin leather covering is what holds it together. It looked like a weak design to me. Also, the leather sleeve wouldn't slide over the buckle, so what was the point?

Buy them if you want, but I'd give them one star at best.

If I get annoyed by the bulk at the stirrup bar, I'll sometimes run the buckle down so it is behind my knee. I have two Bates saddles, but I wouldn't recommend their webbers.

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