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Vette 02-24-2011 04:47 PM

My Guardian Dogs.. Do you have?
We have a variety of animals living in harmony on our little piece of heaven. With that comes the preditors. Thanks to our Great Pyreneese, Tag, we have never lost even 1 chicken to a wild preditor.Tag doesn't kill any animal, even wildlife which I am greatful to him for that as we love all God's creatures. He has been caught on the neighbors wildlife video footage playing with the fox and deer. Tag does not allow any wildlife around our domestic farm animals. This includes keeping the owls and hawks away as well!

The down side is it gets quite hot in the summer and Tag became enemic from constant nose bleeds due to the heat. For most if the summer the vet was treating him for allergies but then came to the conclusion of heat being the cause. This year we are hoping that shaving his hair will cure the problem, if not, our beloved pet and guardian will have to seek refuge somewhere with a much cooler climate. This thought is a very sad thought as our family is very much in love with our family member.
We now have 2 pups who are sisters. Thet come from wonderful guardian stock and are purposfully crossbred of English Shepherd and Great Pyreneese. The girls are Tags helpmates that will be training under his command and I am sure that they will prove themselves valuable!
I am hoping to produce offspring between Tag and the sisters and train them into their parents protogies to sell to selective farms.
I would love to share pictures if there is a way and someone could point me into the right direction to upload from a mobile
I'd love to hear your tributes to your beloved pets or guardian dogs and to see a picture if you would be interested in sharing!
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