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maz78 02-27-2011 04:26 PM

lameness mystery?
Hi guys

I am having a lameness issue with my mare. She is 9 yrs and i've had her for about 8 mths. About 3 mths ago she went lame. It looked like it was in her shoulder, she showed no sign of being lame in the foot or legs as she is still tracking up and bearing weight with no issues, but when you look at her overall she is bobbing the head, and it's very obvious.
I was getting her massaged twice a week as we were pretty sure it was muscular and kept working her under the advice of my massager, and she came good. She was sound for a bout a month and then 2 weeks ago, exactly the same thing. I had a chiro/vet/accupuncture come out that came with a good rep, and he couldn't find the problem, by the feel of her he said she was in pristine condition apart from a couple little tweaks he had to do. She trottet up sound on the straight but lame on the circle. There is no pain, you can touch her anywhere, pull legs in any direction with no reaction, farrier has checked all her feet.
At the moment I am going back to massage twice a week have been doing it every 2 weeks and have a saddle fitter coming out tues. I had the saddle fitted when i got her, but she has changed shape so I am hoping the saddle maybe has been the problem all along. At the monent i am hand walking her just to keep her moving because she gets worse if not doing anything.
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this kinda thing and if anyone has any other idea's of what is going on.
If she doesn't improve with the same treatment as last time then I will have to go down the path of nerve blocks and xray, at this stage haven't gone there because we think its muscular and she herself is in no actual discomfort. She still runs around her paddock, is not grumpy or snakey. If you ask her to trot up she's as forward as usual

Thanks for reading

Sarahandlola 02-27-2011 04:35 PM

The exact same thing is happening with my mare...She has been lame for a month now. I left her out for a week and when I checked her she was fine. But when I lunged her the next day she was lame again. She only looked lame going in one direction. There was no heat anywhere. So I kept her in for a few days on bute and it went again. I then put her into the field and she galloped of around the field. She was lame again the next day. And finally there was heat in her fetlock. So I got the vet and he didn't really help. He just told me to keep her in for a week on bute and if she was not better she had to go for an X Ray. I am at that stage now and finding out about the X Ray.

The weird thing is I checked three of her legs and there was heat in the same places! She is definitely only lame in one leg so I don't know if that is heat associated with the injury or if it is just in all her legs for no reason =/

She will trot and canter no problem. She only looks lame every couple of steps. And she is well able to mess around the field. So I don't know if she is in pain at all or what it is. About 2 weeks ago she was out. She galloped down a hill then stroke out with her bad leg at another horse while galloping!! What horse would do that if they were in pain =/

loosie 02-28-2011 09:40 PM

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I think you both do need rads &/or ultrasounds, as the probs are chronic and no one's worked it out without. Pics would help us lot have a better guess at what may be wrong, but things like this are pretty much beyond the scope of more than a guess at best here.


Originally Posted by Sarahandlola (Post 943397)
She will trot and canter no problem. She only looks lame every couple of steps. And she is well able to mess around the field. So I don't know if she is in pain at all or what it is. What horse would do that if they were in pain =/

Last sentence; plenty - they just love being able to be horses ;-) Also it sounds possibly an intermittent lameness, maybe like my bung knee - I can do everything just fine most of the time, but then occasionally, for no apparent reason, I'm 'lame' for a week. I would also be considering ultrasounds as well as or instead of radiographs, as they will show tissue damage, whereas rads can only show the resulting and later bone damage associated.

maz78 02-28-2011 10:46 PM

I had the saddle fitter out today, and even though i had him out when i first bought her, she has changed shape and the saddle was way out. The fitter said because of her shape, she gives no forgiveness in a saddle, it has to be spot on. He said the saddle was putting all the weight forward and would definatly cause muscle, tendon and cartlidge problems in the shoulder.
Now the saddle has been fixed I will do what I did with her last time and see how she goes lots of massagers and very easy slow work. Short trail rides and no circle work. I definatly think after she came good last time the saddle has recreated the problem.
I will be getting him out in another 6 mths as she will change shape again, as she has lost her top line through no work. Won't make the mistake of getting it fitted once and thinking it is fine.

Loosie- will definatly go down the rd of ultrasound ect if she doesn't improve but pretty confident she will as she did last time. Just wish i had of got the fitter earlier! Thanks

Good luck Sarah, hope your mare comes good soon.

loosie 02-28-2011 11:31 PM

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Good for you Maz, that you seem to have found the problem. Yeah, horses and saddles do change shape over time/season. A good rule is to check the fit at least every few months - putting your horse through her paces without extra padding under the saddle but having a white cloth under it, will give you a fair idea of weight distribution & pressure points.

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