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ajegberg 04-16-2008 11:33 AM

Blind Horse at NW Mountain Trail Challenge
I'm new here, but saw this area to post videos and thought I'd share videos of my horse, Smokey, at last year's Mountain Trail Challenge in Eugene, OR. Smokey is completely blind and has been since the age of 8; he is now 20.

Part one:

Part two:

Thanks for letting me post this here!

Dumas'_Grrrl 04-16-2008 01:05 PM

First off Welcome aboard!!!
That was totally awesome!!! 8) I can't even walk around my house with the lights off without crashing into something! What trust he must have!!!!

Good job! Well done!

jazzyrider 04-16-2008 11:06 PM

wow! he must really trust you :)

thats awesome :D

my2geldings 04-25-2008 06:44 PM

:shock: :shock: Incredible, what a brave horse :shock: :shock:

PoptartShop 04-25-2008 07:24 PM

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Wow. :shock: That is amazing!

JustDressageIt 04-25-2008 08:31 PM

Stunning! Wow! Good job!

Oh and welcome to the Horse Forum ;)

travlingypsy 04-26-2008 11:37 PM

That is sooo cool I bet you and your horse have an amazing relationship..Welcome to the forum, you'll love it!

Does everyone agree that horses can feel energy and stuff. Do you think Smokey could feel the logs energy? Does it work like that?

my2geldings 04-27-2008 12:39 AM

That's an example at a human-horse relationship at its best. You'll never see a horse do something like that without.

Kuddos to her and the horse for taking on the challenge.

ajegberg 04-28-2008 02:07 AM

Thank you everyone for your very sweet comments! It was very touching at the event to have hardened old time cowboys tell me that they were fighting tears watching my horse.

As far as the energy of the objects goes, I don't know for certain, but I believe that it is quite possible. Smokey has an uncanny way of "knowing" where things are sometimes....

I love my horse beyond words and I think he feels similarly...I wish that the feeling could be bottled. :)

travlingypsy 04-28-2008 02:55 AM

Wow, that is so amazing. Its just like a real life version of the movie The Long Shot... a movie about a single mother trying to survive while working at a barn and then all of a sudden her horse goes blind but she still manages to compete in a musical free style comp. That movie always makes me cry. I think when you have a relationship and a true bond with a horse you will never find anything better.

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