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vikki92 03-01-2011 11:20 AM

Please Critiqe (video)
This is Me & my 2yr old, draftcross (Gabreilla) This is only my 4th time riding her, so please excuse my riding, i havnt got the feel of her yet. but i would love some comments on her movemovet and overall confo. and on me also. im up for any advice/comments! im all ears, or in this case eyes lol:-)http://
Ps. she is in trianing.

IndiesaurusRex 03-01-2011 04:02 PM

Not to sound bitchy, but if it was me I wouldn't be riding her yet. Maybe putting tack on and just starting her, but if you get up and on them to early, you can open them up to a whole world of joint/skeletal problems.
I didn't want to sound like I'm judging you or anything - at the end of the day it's your horse and your choice :)

AlexS 03-01-2011 04:16 PM

It's my personal opinion that you shouldn't be riding a 2 yr old either, and I don't think I'd be too keen to have spurs on her either.

However if you do chose to keep working her, she looks like a sweet girl and you look tense.

gbhollywoodgrip 03-01-2011 04:17 PM

I broke my QH gelding at 2yo and he is fine. I dont ride him very hard but he is in work and will start his show season in a few months. I have no problem breaking in a horse at a young age if they look like your horse.

Regarding your riding, your horse is very sweet and is listening to you. I would just give her more rein. It looks like you hold on to her mouth for balance, maybe put a monkey strap if that helps.
I would also do a lot of suppling excercice, really bend her neck until she gives at the halt, then walk, then jog and later on a the lope. make sure to reward every little effort by throwing her the reins.

Keep up the good work, she is a sweet mare and you'll have fun with her.

tinyliny 03-01-2011 06:28 PM

Wow, I see things quite differently than Hollywood.
I see a very young horse that is going along pretty nicely but I would not say that you have a strong connection yet. She is kind of moving with you but also choosing her own way to go. And you, good rider that you are, are going with her nicely. I appreciate that you do go with her. Like when she started a canter. It looked like it started as a spook and you just wentwith her, she kind of fell into the circle and you didn't try to modify that. This is normal for a very young horse ( I , Too, do not believe in riding horses that young). She doesn't have the balance under rider to canter you yet.

the thing that worries methe tiniest bit is that since you really don't have a solid connection with her, she could "leave" you at any minute. For this reason, I would wear a helmet while riding such a green horse, AND ditch the spurs.

She looks like she will be a really nice riding partner and you have fundamentally very good riding skills.

thealabamaredhead 03-01-2011 06:44 PM

I agree she is kinda young. also, spurs are like a shortcut, the horses should learn to move off slight ques not pain. beautiful horse though.

gbhollywoodgrip 03-01-2011 08:02 PM

The following link is a 2 yo QH (turning 3yo in august 2011) five weeks under saddle. Look how soft he is in the mouth.http://

equiniphile 03-01-2011 08:26 PM

Hollywood, that's some good training on that horse! He looks better than most 10yo WP horses I see!

OP, you have a nice horse, and it's your personal opinion on when to start him, but I personally don't think he should be ridden at a canter yet. Just very short walking trotting, very short sessons, then reward him and put him away.

xXEventerXx 03-01-2011 08:39 PM

I have my 3 year old paint and i sat on her a few times but we did nothing crazy. Im not sending her away for training until she is 4. horses are still growing and i wouldnt want to affect anything and make her lame !

vikki92 03-01-2011 08:42 PM

I was thought & brought up, when they turn 2yrs, you can start riding him/her. i do agree not to start cantering her. i am gonna just do the basics get her use to everything! I wanna when she gets older teach her to jump! my dad & the rest of my family want to teach her roping! ( I personaly dont want her to) i used the spurs becasue she woundt go at all when i got on her lol! so my father (who is a westren rider told me to put them on) but im gonna ditch them now!
@hollywood, yes i agree, one of my bad habits is putting my weight in the rains, one of the things im working on :)
thanks for all the great advice. do yall know anyways i can get her moving with out spurs or a crop? @tinyliny thankyou! :) and on the helmet topic, im a daredevil, but i do ware one when i jump! (on my other horse)

@hollywood again. you have a great lookin horse!

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