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Requiem 03-03-2011 02:28 AM

English saddle and some other tack for sale.
Hey ya'll. I'm in desperate need of some money so I can pay for a few things, (barrel racing tack, training, and a trailer,) so I'm selling some stuff. I tried to post it on, but it wouldn't let me -- it kept logging me out. So I'm going to post this stuff for sale here. I don't have much equestrian stuff, so I'll sell what I can spare. I'll describe things to the best of my ability. :}

Brown Maxam all purpose synthetic saddle. 17" seat, 6" gullet. I believe it's a medium tree. I'm not an English saddle expert, but those are based on the measurements I took. I'm posting pictures of the measurements here; please correct me if I took them wrong! I'll retake them and upload more pictures. This saddle fits my racking horse, but not my quarter horse, (who takes a wide tree / 7" gullet / FQHB.) Saddle has a small scratch on the seat, as it was delivered to my door this way. There is a little wear from the top of the stirrup leathers, but it doesn't affect the function of the saddle -- only a blemish that you don't even see when you're in the saddle. It's a nice saddle; I've owned it for almost four years, but it wasn't ridden daily -- a couple of times a month at the most, and sometimes not even for a couple of months. Was stored inside when it wasn't used, always taken care of. Saddle comes with irons and leathers.
Price - $120. (bad lighting on the last picture. X_X)

Black Wintec chafeless elastic English girth. 48". Bought this new for $45, and you can hardly tell it's used. There's no tears or rips in it and it's been kept clean; no stains or anything. This girth has seen very little use, as it was only used with this saddle and maybe two or three times with another. I'd keep the girth if I could. XD
Price - $20.

Black splint boots, medium sized. I bought these a couple of years ago for my mare, but they were too small for her. It's weird - she usually uses mediums, but these didn't fit her right. I bought them for $22-$25 and used them twice at the most; they've been sitting in my tack drawer gathering dust. They would be good for just working out or turnout -- only velcro for attachments. I don't know what brand they are, sorry. I'd say they'd fit ponies best, but again, they're labeled size medium.
Price - $10

Brown English bridle with reins; horse sized. I don't know the brand name on this bridle. I bought this for AQHA hunter under saddle a while back at a local tack store, (where I also got the girth,) but ended up not using it but five times tops on my racking horse. My mare usually has to have a pony sized bridle, so I can't use it on her, and my racking horse prefers a sidepull... I hate to see it just hanging on the hook and not being used.
Price - $30

Pink western boots, size 10M. I bought these boots a couple of years ago and they did fit -- but only a couple of weeks later I couldn't wear them anymore. I originally bought them for around $65. They're really cute boots, no scuffs or anything on them. They were worn by me to only two shows, (and all I did was slip them on before I got up on my horse, and my sister wore them maybe three times, and that's all they've been worn.) I don't know what brand they are; they're a lesser known brand. I was going for Ariats that year but didn't have the money to buy any until just recently, (about two months after my old boots got holes in the toes. XD) They're good boots; just not wide enough for me, (I have really wide feet.) I wish they fit -- I'd have a nice pair of boots to wear around the shows and county fairs instead of always wearing my work boots! Also, I will clean up the tread before shipping them.
Price - $45

Stainless steel tom thumb bit... Used lightly. A friend of mine had asked me to pick her up one of these at the co-op, so I got this one. She used it a couple times but then found she had one buried in her tack room, so she gave it back to me. I never used it, as my horses ride bitless or with a fullcheek or o ring. I figure I'll let this one go, as it's not needed.
Price - $3

"Dressage from A to X" by Barbara Burkhardt. I bought this book a few years ago, as I love to read most anything horses. I absolutely hate getting rid of my books, but this is one of the ones I don't read or refer to anymore, as I no longer take dressage or English lessons. Bought it for $22.95, it's still in good condition, no rips, only a little bit of a bend on the cover, (I try to take great care of my books.)
Price - $5.

I can take paypal or money order. Either way is fine! Shipping on the smaller items (everything but the saddle) will be $10. I can also combine shipping. Please contact me with the zip code the saddle would be shipped to so I can give you an exact shipping price. I really do have to sell this stuff so I can get the money I need for barrel racing equipment, as the only western saddle that fits her is no good for the speed and sharp turns of barrels and poles.

Thanks for looking! <3

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