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takestutu 03-05-2011 10:28 AM

having Lessons on Dressage Simulator in Berkshire
I read a thread on here about simulator's, but because it was older than 92 days, was suggested to start a new thread. The thread was about the Equitana show and the racewood dressage simulator.........

we have this very same simulator at our yard in berkshire, arrived in january 2011. i love it, i have had 3 lessons on it and i find that i dont get backache like i use to. it great for balance and posture, i will definately be having more lessons, my sitting trot is to die for !!!!!. they have a bhsia instructor, and they did say will run some group clinics in the summer, but the sessions are tailored to the clients needs and requirements which is great. Im not allowed to put on here where it is, but if you search in google - simulator in berkshire you should find it :-)

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