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apatchy 04-18-2008 09:53 AM

well, well well. I was outside today and I was cleaning up/ picking up sticks so I could mow. I lifted something up and there it was. A black snake with yellow stripes around its body. I love snakes but can't have them cause my mom, but it was about 2-3ft. I took it next door to see if they wanted it, since they have so many. and guesss what. they took it in and gave it a home and thanked me for not killing it. I bet you are wondering where this is going. well as you should know, horse are terrified of snakes.
p.s I live in the south, so do you know what kind it was. I know it was not poisnous. sorry I did not get a pic of it. I could not bring it in the house. I kinda went in a state of shock. not scared just, wow I found a snake, now what.

Small_Town_Girl 04-18-2008 09:59 AM

Was the yellow markings rings around or stripes on the
black snake?

If it was stripes it really sounds like a ribbon or garter snake.

apatchy 04-19-2008 02:22 AM

well I did alot of research to see if more of them would be around and all. guess what? it was just a western king snake :D . It was glossy black with bright yellow bands around its body. I would have loved to keep it, but can't cause my mom is terrified of them :cry: , but I can see it when ever, it is just right next door, outside in a nice good home. :o

Small_Town_Girl 04-19-2008 11:30 AM

Glad you discovered what it was! :D

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