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godskntrygrl 03-07-2011 12:35 AM

Draft Horse Custom Saddle needed
I have a big Clydesdale that I trail ride with. Currently I use a Big Horn Cordura saddle, Draft w/ 8" gullet. Unfortunately he has high withers and the saddle is tight in the wither area. I've been told if I just add padding to the withers area of my saddle pad that will only make things tighter. I got the saddle before I even got the horse. He's 18.1 hh, 2400lbs, and I can't seem to find a saddle fitter to measure him for a proper fit saddle. Does anyone know if these "fitters" are real people, because I can't find any in Sacramento, CA. I'm willing to measure, if I knew what to measure. I wish I could ride bareback on trail, but I rely on my stirrups too much on trail. Any assistance would be helpful. Thank you.

Left Hand Percherons 03-07-2011 10:40 AM

Most Clydes are blessed with a good set of withers and do not need a draft saddle as you've found out. Find someone with a full QH bar saddle and try it out. Most are around 7" gullets. You might be down in the 6 1/2 range. Padding it will make it worse. If you're willing to ride in an English or Dressage saddle, they offer much better options and fit for drafts. A 32 or 33 cm or MWide saddle off the rack so to speak will probably fit him with no problem.

A quality saddle shop will have someone who can help you fit a saddle properly.

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