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AngieLee 03-08-2011 06:12 PM

am i handling these situations correctly?
I'm riding a friends younger horse to fix a few "quirks" he picked up.

Sometimes when going faster then a walk. he'll randomly cut in sorta. like one second your going straight and the next your suddenly going to the right. and its so quick and un expected that it can easily de-seat someone (i wish i had a video i'm HORRIBLE at explaining things) especially at the lope. i'v tried watching for any warnings signs that he's about to do it, and i haven't been able to pick up on anything. I think he does it to intimidate his riders so they get off (weather its by there own choice or by falling) but i'm not sure. what i started doing with him is anything time he tried to cut in with me (usually at the lope) i'd spin him, making him move his hip over. its not physically damaging to him but it is a much harder work out. my instructor sometimes has be do this when a horse wont stop. its sorta like saying "fine you want to move hunny we'll move like this". and it's seemed to work well with him. he's seemed to figure out that if he cuts in, i make him work harder. and he hasn't really done it since. or if he does its only once and its not as before. Sort of like he's testing to see if i'll still do something about it.

What i want to know is, is this something that i'm okay to do? i don't want to do more harm then good.

Also.... i was leading him over to something so I could mount up. it was metal and he didn't like it at all and spooked away from it. He didn't try to bolt just thru his head up and started backing away. What I did was just stood where i was and held the lead rope,so the pressure was there. In the end he walked up to me and sniffed the object he was afraid of started to relax. so i stood on top of it and made a little noise on it. and we went through the whole spooking thing again, again i just held the lead and he would come back and sniff it and deem is safe and start to relax. is took about 5-7 minuets of this until he was comfortable walking right up beside it and standing calmly for me to mount. he's a smart boy and figured it out pretty quickly. But this is one of the first times dealing with a spooking horse on the ground (mild as it was) in the end I did get the results I was looking for. he was completely calm and relaxed around it. But did i handle it correctly? if this happens again, is there a different way i should handle it?

christopher 03-08-2011 06:42 PM

as long as you spin him the other direction. if he's about to cut left then you spin him right. it really depends why it's happening but either way that's what i'd do.

there are lots of different things you couldve done with the mounting box but the one you did worked & thats all that matters really.

lilruffian 03-08-2011 06:43 PM

No, to me that sounds like a great idea & if it works keep at it! Most horses do not like to spin & by making him do this you are making the undesirable behavior difficult, which is exactly what you want to do, without being harsh.

As for his spooking, that sounds right too lol. Whatever you do, don't take him away from what is spooking him. Make him face it & see that it is not anythig scarry. Another thing you could do would be to hold (if you can) whatever may spook him & walk backwards with it, away from him but make him follow on the rope. By retreating this way, it will give him more confidence that you/the object are not trying to harm him.
Good luck!

x Branded Heart x 03-08-2011 10:16 PM

I don't see any problem with circling him or "spinning" him as long as you do not let him break the lope.

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