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rocky pony 03-09-2011 12:49 AM

New to Mares.....Cramps? Or What?
I really have only worked closely with geldings my whole life until recently, I'm working with an awesome little mare who I'm hoping to someday buy, but I'm wondering about something.

She was acting a bit like she was mildly colicing, doing a lot of kicking and nipping at her stomach, but she was still pooping and gut sounds were okay...not totally perfect, but still okay. She did not seem to want to roll or anything. I still have a little bit more to learn about colic, to be honest, but her owner knows her stuff and looked over everything thoroughly. We sat and watched her for awhile and things were looking much better. By the time I left she seemed normal and was not kicking or anything anymore.

One thing we discussed, though, was that she did probably come into season today and apparently seemed to do this same thing before when she was also in season (she hasn't had her for very long so we haven't had many chances to observe her during her heat), so we were wondering if it might just be linked and if it could be that she gets cramps or possibly if her cycle makes her system more sensitive, something like that? Or would it likely be a coincidence? I'm just wondering if this kind of thing would be normal for some mares.

If it is possibly something along the line of cramps, would something like Moody Mare or similar product help her? Or is there anything else to do?

Thank you guys for any and all thoughts shared :-)

Trinity3205 03-09-2011 02:03 AM

I have seen a mare look colicy before when she ovulated. I had read about it but never seen it until then.

We were sure she was colicing and called the vet only to have her right as rain again in about 10 minutes and she came into heat right after. Very clear to us after that that it must have been her ovulating and been painful. Some women report pain when they ovulate also. Its rare but does happen.

MHFoundation Quarters 03-09-2011 08:03 AM

It is possible. I own a mare that does cramp when she cycles. I had bought her as a broodmare (thank goodness lol!) and for my hubby to trail ride on occasion. The first 2 weeks I had her she was an absolute doll, I found out she cramps the first time I tried to ride her when she came in. Even the tiniest bit of pressure on her sides sent her into total meltdown. Had the vet come check her out, as she was new and I didn't "know" her completely yet. When she basically told me she was pms'ing I was surprised, we have owned and raised hundreds of horses over the years and this was a first! She said it is pretty uncommon but has seen a handful, one mare that was bad enough that she bit her sides until she was a bloody mess (they ended up selling her to a stallion station who spayed her and used her to collect with) I am sure there are supplements or something out there to help her. I would call the vet or maybe even call smartpak and talk to one of their supplement consultants.

rocky pony 03-09-2011 11:46 PM

Thank you guys! It definitely seems like this is what's happening. I'm very interested in looking into a supplement to try for her to hopefully ease that pain- because I can definitely relate! And if anyone comes along with experience with having tried anything for that, feel free to share!

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