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mudypony 04-19-2008 08:42 AM

What are your favorite grooming tools?
I thought this might be fun to try. So I'll make a list of different grooming supplies and then you can post your favorites of each. So here goes...

Show Sheen
Soft Brush
Hard Brush
Hoof Polish
Hoof Pick
Curry Comb
Mane/Tail Comb
Mane/Tail Brush
Spot Remover

I'll post my choices in a minute.

mudypony 04-19-2008 08:48 AM

Shampoo - Cowboy Magic Shampoo
Conditioner - Cowboy Magic Conditioner
Detangler - Mane N' Tail Detangler
Show Sheen - Absorbine Show Sheen
Soft Brush - Winner's Circle Soft Brush
Hard Brush - Winner's Circle Hard Brush
Hoof Polish - Fiebing's Hoof Polish and Dressing
Hoof Pick - Any hoof pick that has the little brush on it
Curry Comb - Any of the cheap rubber ones are fine
Mane/Tail Comb - usually I just use my fingers but I have and Oster Mane/Tail Comb just in case
Mane/Tail Brush - any cheap brush from the dollar store
Clippers - Any of the Oster or Wahl clippers seem to work well
Spot Remover - N/A

You can always add more if you want to.

Britt 04-19-2008 11:19 AM

Shampoo Mane 'n' Tail Shampoo
Conditioner Mane 'n' Tail Conditioner
Detangler N/A (I use my fingers)
Show Sheen N/A
Soft Brush Kiwi shoe-shiner brush (EXTREMELY soft and give's the horses a great shine)
Hard Brush Any rubber one... I don't use them much, anyway...
Hoof Polish N/A
Hoof Pick Any of the ones with the brush on the end... lol
Curry Comb Stiff horsehair curry (brand unknown)
Mane/Tail Comb N/A
Mane/Tail Brush any human hair comb works perfectly...
Clippers N/A
Spot Remover N/A

(I don't show or anything like that... XD!)

mayfieldk 04-19-2008 07:20 PM

Shampoo: TRESemme... yes, the stuff for people. It's kind of awesome, and not that expensive! (cheaper then horse crap!)
Conditioner: Same
Detangler: Cowboy magic, Def.
Show Sheen: Pepi spray!
Soft Brush: Oster's finishing brush... it's okay. XD
Hard Brush: There's this brand called 'Winner's Choice', and they make some AWESOME brushes.
Hoof Polish: they're all the same, so I pretty much use whatever I have on hand.
Hoof Pick: Any of the ones with the brush on the end... lol <~~ agreed!
Curry Comb I think they're by 'unigroom' or something... but they have little finger protrusions, bigger then your normal curry come (like 10-15) and they are AMAZING. LOVE. Better then any shedding blade or stone!
Mane/Tail Comb: I use the Oster's one... it's pretty awesome.
Mane/Tail Brush: Oster's
Clippers: I have a wahl cordless set that are AMAZING, with a rechargeable battery and #30 blades. Then I have the A5 Oster's kit, with #10 and #40 blades. (I show, can you tell? XD)
Spot Remover: water? XD haha

my2geldings 04-20-2008 02:21 PM

I use pretty much the same thing as what's already been posted. It depends on what I plan to do that day and how lazy I feel 8)

Supermane 04-20-2008 02:54 PM

Shampoo: Quic Black
Conditioner: Mane n' Tail
Detangler: I just use MTG
Show Sheen: I've never had to use it
Soft Brush: Oster Soft Bristled Brush
Hard Brush: Oster Stiff Bristled Brush
Hoof Polish: Rain Maker Hoof Moisturizer
Hoof Pick: One with a brush on the other end
Curry Comb: The standard small rubber curry comb
Mane/Tail Comb: Shapley's super tail pick
Mane/Tail Brush: CHI medium round soft hair brush (mine is pink)
Clippers: I usually pay someone else to clip my horses...
Spot Remover : Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover

doczahi 04-20-2008 06:52 PM

Well, I think I'll make some of you to raise their eyebrows...

Shampoo - Regular human shampoo, cost as little as 15% of equine shampoo.
Conditioner - Same as above...
Detangler - None
Show Sheen - None. Good nutrition does the shining..
Soft Brush - Oster's
Hard Brush - Oster's
Hoof Polish - Fiebing Hoof Lotion + Tar (Catran) every other week.
Hoof Pick - Oster's
Curry Comb - Oster's
Mane/Tail Comb - None
Mane/Tail Brush - Oster's
Clippers - I never clip
Spot Remover - None

I also add a little amount of baby oil to the mane and tail to give them a Barbie-blonde-shine...

Abby 04-20-2008 07:35 PM

Shampoo - Mane N Tail
Conditioner - Mane N Tail
Detangler - Cowboy Magic
Show Sheen - Cowboy Magic
Soft Brush - Oster
Hard Brush - Oster
Hoof Polish - n/a
Hoof Pick - The little blue kind for like 20c
Curry Comb - Jelly Scrubber
Mane/Tail Comb - Oster
Mane/Tail Brush - My hair brush.
Clippers - n/a
Spot Remover n/a

LolaBlue 04-23-2008 02:36 AM

Shampoo - wonder blue
Conditioner - V05 or anything w/o silicones
Detangler - baby oil
Show Sheen - n/a
Soft Brush - Oster
Hard Brush - Oster
Hoof Polish - fiebings hoof oil
Hoof Pick - the plain metal kind
Curry Comb - Jelly Scrubber
Mane/Tail Comb - epona
Mane/Tail Brush - hair brush from the 99c store
Clippers - andis clippers *with* the cord
Spot Remover - n/a

Cheval 04-25-2008 10:29 AM

Shampoo - Mane & Tail
Conditioner - Mane & Tail
Detangler - Show sheen, or there's a really nice Mane & Tail detangler.
Show Sheen - The regular show seen, I assume?
Soft Brush I have no clue the brands...
Hard Brush " "
Hoof Polish None; I was thought it dries out the hoof.
Hoof Pick I don't know...
Curry Comb Oster!
Mane/Tail Comb N/A
Mane/Tail Brush Oster
Clippers I don't own any...yet!
Spot Remover I forget what it's called...but its that stuff that's purple!

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