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healahorse 03-10-2011 01:53 AM

Torn Shoulder Ligament "Recovery"???
There are some really horse educated people here I see and thought you all may be able to give me some direction on this horse.

12 year appy gelding as pet for my horse. Was purchased for $1200 as a roping horse. (From owner: On 2nd ride while roping and turning a cow horse went down in the rather deep sand of the arena. (A great vet) had said it was a torn shoulder tendon (I do not know what it is called but soreness and limping on right front leg, tender about where the front of the saddle rests in front of your knee). The vet had given directions to put him out to pasture for 1 year and he may or may not get better. I took him to my place to see if I could get him into shape and see if I could help him. However, I don't know the damage will be fixed. After a year out to pasture he still limps occasionally but will walk, trot and gallop like a mad man with the other horses in the pasture and shows no signs of his injury when galloping. I don't know if it's the extra weight of the rider that throws off his balance or if this is an injury that can never be fixed. A good horse friend of mine said he may just need to learn to balance again with the riders weight with the weakened tendon and learn how to reuse it. He told me to ride him bareback and see if I could feel where the twitch was and work on movements to improve his balance. My children have ridden him in the corral and he is a sweet as ever but I don't trust him enough for them to take him on the trail or downward slopes. Any suggestions, he is not my horse but the owner is willing to give him to me since he will probably never rope cattle again because of the injury. Is he worth putting the time and money into to see if I can fix it or do you think the damage has been done since he wasn't stall rested? Spring is coming and I don't want to dedicate too much time with him if the injury can not be fixed because I don't want to risk a sore horse freaking out on my kids ( I consider this a preventable thing) Any suggestions would be great.

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