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Gizmo 03-10-2011 01:39 PM

Mounted Shooting Dress or Pants
So I'm getting into mounted shooting and I was wondering if I should go really traditional and stick with a dress or if I should take the easy route and stick with pants. I am not sure how hard it would be to ride in a dress. I still really haven't found anything I like so if you guys could help me find something by posting pictures and such it would be great. Thanks bunches.

Woodland Eventer 03-11-2011 11:22 AM

Just from personal experience, I'd go with pants. I've seen a lot of women that ride in the traditional dress, but it takes a really well trained horse to tolerate the drape over their bum. I've ridden in a dress, and it is a bit odd at first.

Also, I'd advise if you're going with the dress, make your own. Even if you wear a button down shirt tucked into a high waisted denim skirt, it would look traditional. You can find denim-type fabric at Wal-Mart, and if you need a pattern, you could probably find on there too. I advise wearing pants or shorts under the skirt though.

Gizmo 03-11-2011 12:11 PM

Yeah, If I were to do the dress then I would do pant bloomers underneath. My friend is a seamstress so I was going to have her make it. If I ever find something I like.

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