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getsaddled 03-10-2011 02:15 PM

Anyone know anything about the Toklat waterproof blankets?
So Im getting a new horse and the last owner also gave me a VERY lightly used Toklat heavy duty blanket with her. I know nothing about this brand of blanket even after trying to find info online on ebay, tack trade, and google. It seems to be really nice quality.
My dilema is that a mouse has gotten to the inside of the blanket and chewed MANY larger holes on the inside part of the blanket. Absolutely nothing on the outside or straps or anything thank goodness. Outside looks in new condition.
Does anyone know anything about these blankets?? My local blanket cleaner quoted about $40 to have the inside refleeced/redone. Is it worth it?? I really cant seem to find any online to compare prices of. I dont know if its a higher dollar blanket that would be a great deal to have fixed up to almost new for $40, or to just go get a lesser quality one thats new for a few bucks more...ANY help would be great. Thanks!

luvs2ride1979 03-11-2011 07:54 AM

I have two of the Navy Toklat blankets and LOVE them. This was our third season using them and they still have no wear. I replaced two leg straps out of the four this year, that's it. I am very sad Toklat quit making them. They really are the best blankets I have ever owned. $40 is definitely a good deal to fix up the blanket. I would clean it and re-waterproof it as well, just to make sure it will shed water well. The waterproofing on all blankets does eventually wear off. Mine lasted 3 seasons before needing it done, and they probably could have gone one more.

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