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WhoaMare 03-10-2011 09:10 PM

My last two days...
...have been verrrrry interesting :lol:. Ok, first let me explain that I work on barter with my trainer 4 days/week. I generally do stuff like groom, feed cows, fill water buckets, fetch equipment, clean tack- you know all the menial stuff the trainer just can't fit into a day and still get 10+ training horses ridden. Occasionally, i will ride some of the gentler horses for her just so she can see their movement from the ground and also see how they respond to someone different on them. Yesterday was one of those opportunities.

We've had a filly named Contessa for a couple of months now and even though she is only coming 3, she is just the sweetest little filly. I have ridden her bareback in a halter at the arena (and laughed myself silly because it was so much fun). I rode her yesterday with a saddle for the first time ever on "trails". Nowusually when someone says "Let's go on a trail ride", that denotes that there are trails to ride on. Umm no. There were no trails unless you count the areas where feral hogs had rooted. I got slapped by branches, ripped at by briars, nearly decapitated by vines, and then Contessa tried to take me swimming in a pond. TRhat was not a trail ride- that was exploring new territory! :shock::shock::shock: It was fun, but next time the trainer says "Let's go on a trail ride" I think I am going to pack a machete.:-P

After yesterday's adventure, i was a bit sore but dutifully packed up two of my own horses and headed out to the arena. I rode Carmine for the first time in several weeks. Bless his pointy head- he wants to please, but he is so big that he just can't figure out how to turn without taking up half the arena. So we worked on turning in toward the fence. He whacked his nose a couple of times and then figured out that he is tall enough to get his head OVER the arena fence. I had to take him to a lower spot and he whacked his nose again. *sigh* He did eventually figure out that he really can turn, but he needs LOTS more work. We didn't even bother working on his gaits today since he's so fat and out of shape. I DID finally get him to park out successfully. It only took 4 months for him to get the idea that his front feet can move without his back ones.

All in all, I had a great time over the past couple of days. Tomorrow is the first playday of the season and although I am exhausted, I am ready!!!:D

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