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sdmeyers88 03-13-2011 11:14 AM

problems with trot and canter...
i have a 6 year old mare who is with a trainer 3 days a week. I have worked with her on points he has given me on the other days. She is 90% neck reigned, good ground manners in the round pen and on line out in pasture. when one thing gets going right then she develops another quirk.

I was raised on trained horses but have been away from them for years. I am not a spring chicken and know my limits. I basically rescued this horse form the meat wagon and am dedicated to keeping her and training her right. She has thrown me once due to a spook and I was not ready. got on her immediately and took her back to the spot. etc... was on a trail ride another day and she became a rodeo horse and bucked me off.. I almost rode it out but the 5th one got me. always happens when she is in a canter. and the story goes...
I return to the round pen and do all the exercises repeatedly. wil stop on a dime when i say woah and responds to my point cluck trot canter commands. She is a stubborn one when I am in the saddle.

I am having serious problems with transitions from walk to trot to canter. I watch my trainer and she does all with him somewhat perfectly.. even to a stop.
I cannot get her to do this for me when I am on my own. I do all the signals, leg pressure etc.. but all I get is usually a long trot session after much coaxing. A whip causes her to buck and I am tired of being on the ground. I work with her on the arena and have been out on the trail many times. She is just a green horse and I need help please..

I will not sell her and will not give up. She is a very smart mare. I am college degreed and intelligent and feel like the ignorant one here. :-|

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