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equiniphile 03-14-2011 06:36 AM

Finally getting a trailer after 10 years without, options!
So, after selling our little blue BP 10 years ago because it was ready for retirement :lol:, we've been trailerless. Lately, with having to coordinate friends' trailers to use for shows and lessons, I've talked with my mom and she thinks we should invest in one good, solid trailer that will keep forever. Plus, she just got a new truck, an '05 Dodge Ram with only 20,000 miles that she loves to death, and she wants to see her dream white horse trailer pulled behind it! Weight isn't necessarily an issue, the two trailers we have in mind would be no problem for it. So, we have a few options here.

The first option is the trailer of a friend of my mom's. It's a 4-horse gooseneck, Featherlite, I don't recall the year but it looks newer. Sleeping Quarters, I believe a tack trunk, BUT, no dressing room, and that's the killer. Since I'm going to be showing, a dressing room to me is pretty much a necessity. Plus, we would go camping with the horses a lot, so a dressing room to stay in is pretty much mandatory. This one's $10,000, but negotiable. He's storing firewood in it right now, is all that weight going to affect it's serviceability?

Second option is a trailer we passed on the way to get shavings yesterday. 3 horse 2005 gooseneck Exiss, nice tack compartment in the back that folds over for loading, a little table and chairs in the dressing room for when they went camping. Sleeping quarters. It seems to be 7' high, but we'll have to double check that to make sure it fits Lenox. The killer on this one is that it's only a 3 horse, and when camping, we'll probably need four horses. There's only my mom, sister, and I in our family, but my mom won't drive the rig unless she has someone with her, so her friend would probably come anyway, which leaves a necessity for 4 horses. However, when I show, I'll only need to bring 2, maybe 3 horses, and we would definitely make use of the dressing room it has. It also has a hook-in thing where if you go somewhere with internet, you can connect. AC, heating, electrical outlets. Asking 12k, but the seller has to pay off a loan and would be happy to get anything close. My guess is he would be happy with 9k up front.

Third option is this one, this would be a great one for us, but again, only 3 horses, and no sleeping quarters on this one. $11,000
2003 Featherlite Horse Trailer for Sale in Medina, Ohio OH

Fourth....don't know anything about the brand Silver Star, but looks to be a decent trailer. Again, only 3 horse, and no sleeping Qs. $11,000
2004 Silver Star Horse Trailer for Sale in Alliance, Ohio OH

Fifth-Again, only 3 horse, but dressing room and SQ. Also no brand on this one, but looks to be decent. $12,800
2006 Gooseneck Horse Trailer for Sale in Wooster, Ohio OH

ETA: Just found this one, 1995 4-star. 4 horses with dressing room (yay!) for $13,000

1993 Sooner

So basically, the big problem here is finding one with 4 horses, AND a dressing room. If anyone can find anything reasonably close to 44256, please post, or if you know of any trailer websites. Thanks!

equiniphile 03-14-2011 03:23 PM

2003 Featherlite sold....shame, it would probably have been one of the best

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