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CustomLegacy 03-14-2011 04:13 PM

What bothers you at shows?
What types of things bother you at show? Example: People bringing their horses to the shower, and not cleaning up their poop.

nrhareiner 03-14-2011 04:38 PM

I do not have things that bother me at shows. I go to show and have a good time. You are only there for 3-5 days for most shows so why let things bother you??

Iseul 03-14-2011 04:43 PM

I can't stand people running the gate. I get so excited going to shows where it's terms for disqualification, haha. I just find it dangerous, careless, and a lack of rider ability.
Another thing that goes along with running the gate, is when the gate watchers (for lack of a better term..) always tell us over and over again that running the gate is allowed. If I choose to not run the gate, then leave me alone about it.
Last thing I can think of right now, is when we take Lucky to a show, have a red ribbon and tell all the gate watchers, etc that we have a kicker. Do you not think that they'd move away and be more careful? :| At our last show, Drew took Lucky. The gate guy almost got a nice kick to the head/chest area multiple times, you'd think he'd get the memo after the first time he almost got kicked?
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nrhareiner 03-14-2011 04:55 PM

First what are you calling running the gate? That could mean many different things.

Also if you have a kicker then you need to work on that at home and teach your horse not to kick at people. It is not the persons responsibility to get out of the way it is yours to train your horse.

Iseul 03-14-2011 05:20 PM

By running the gate, I mean by starting your run (well..starting off) outside of the arena, as well as blowing through the gate after your pattern.
And as for the kicking, the horse kicks at the gate. It only happens at shows, so we can't work on it at home. Also, this is not my horse, nor the horse I'm leasing, so I can't really say anything. My point was that people don't have enough common sense to move away when given multiple warnings that the horse is likely to kick.
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SEAmom 03-14-2011 05:29 PM

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I can't stand people who let their kids around show grounds on bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc, despite several announcements that it's not allowed inside.
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Scoope 03-14-2011 05:49 PM

I cant stand people who let their kids loose period. It is dangerous and a problem for other people. I am there to compete or groom/ braid for other people NOT to babysit your feral children , if you let your kids ride bikes/run/ generally make a problem of themselves around my horse it is not my problem if they get kicked/trodden on/bitten. Like above , a couple of the horses I show / groom for are biters or kickers and they wear red ribbons to alert the surrounding people that they have a vice. Respect that people.

yes I agree that biting / kicking is somthing that should be trained out - but at the same time Im not going to let that stop me from competing. If you come to close it is your own fault - and if you cant control your children put them on those toddler leads - I have one for my own son , and while I rarely use it (infact have only used it twice while on international flights he wore it at the terminal - for those who have a problem with them , I would rather my toddler be secure on a toddler rein rather than lost in a country he dosent know that speaks a language he dosent understand - and besides, even in an english speaking country he couldent tell you his name/address/phone number if you asked him anyway) He hates it so much that the threat of being put on the rein keeps him close. And when im busy doing the horses he is secure in the truck - I clean it off and put down a large rubber mat that covers the floor and he can play in there / ride his trike around and can still see us as I have a roller gate that is fitted to the ramp opening that keeps him in and everything else out. hes safe and the horses are safe -

If I am moving around the grounds I often carry him in sling on my back for his own saftey (as I dont think that any small child is safe while at a show grounds and horses are moving around - for all I know , those horses have never seen a small person and might freak , he is safer off the ground on my back) This keeps him safe (and happy ! theres nothing worse than a screaming over tired toddler - he is quite happy asleep secure in his sling and I have both hands free for whatever.

bottom line people , control your children - they are YOUR responsibility and no body elses. If you cant control them , get a sitter for the day there is no excuse for putting your child in danger , and that includes not supervising them around large 'tame' animals.

maybe im a grump - but I do not see being '2/3/4' year old as a good enough reason for bad behaviour. Unfortunatly so many parents do feel that it is.

nrhareiner 03-14-2011 06:00 PM

I do agree about kids. Not a big fan of them to begin with. In my family they mind very well. Even the 2yos.

As for kicking and biting. NO way should they be at shows. If a horse is a kicker and kicked one of my horses in the warm up pen I would be very very pissed and I am sure there would be a cop involved. There are just too many horses running stopping and spinning in the warm up pen and too many things going on. I have had horses slide to a stop in front of my horses to the point my horse has slid into them. Mine had just turned 3. Lets just say that all horses where very well trained and nothing happened b/c of it. That is how it should be.

Just like kids if you can not control your horses and I mean every inch of the horse then leave them at home with the kids.

Eliz 03-14-2011 06:04 PM

People who complain...

ButtInTheDirt 03-14-2011 06:14 PM

Alot of things bother me about shows, but the main thing is when people obviously have no connection with their animal. When it is so obvious that they did not train/take care of their horse. Someone else did it for them.

I cannot imagine having someone else take care of MY horse. If I'd show my horse, I'd take care of and train my horse. Maybe have someone help train them, but it's just stupid to not take care of your own horse. It makes for bratty children/teens and even adults. I really just can't stand show people. Whether it be horses or dogs. I show dogs, but it just kicks my puppy when somone just doesn't want to be there.

If you don't want to be at a show, or don't have the dedication to take care of your own animal, then just don't come. (Sadly there would be hardly anyone at shows, then.)

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