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HorseKisses001 03-14-2011 05:54 PM

How to canter bareback? Nervous!
Well I can walk, trot/post trot, while riding bareback, except I'm really nervous to canter bareback. My horse always is really speedy when we canter, and he did a hand-gallop once in the arena. If I pull back on his mouth, he just goes to a fast-trot. What can I do?

Endiku 03-14-2011 05:59 PM

well I'm not sure what you mean that you want help with. The fear or the horse? If you're just nervouse though, why don't you look into purchasing a neck strap? That will give you some extra support when you're cantering incase you feel like you're going to slip, and you could also try cantering the first few times in a round pen. That way he can't really run away with you =]

equestrian 03-14-2011 05:59 PM

I find cantering SO much easier than trotting bareback. I'd just work on a good one rein stop if he tends to run off at the canter.

Delfina 03-14-2011 06:02 PM

I'd work on better control of him at a canter in a saddle before attempting to canter bareback.

Flopping off at a canter while bareback isn't much fun.... been there! Also, being on a lunge line the first few times is a huge help because you have someone else taking care of what the horse is doing so all you have to concentrate on is yourself. And when you become one with the dirt, they have control over the horse and it's not heading off on a passengerless joy ride.

Eolith 03-14-2011 06:10 PM

As equestrian said, I find it easier to canter bareback than to trot... but only if the horse has a balanced and controlled canter first. If not, it would be much more intimidating.

Micky 03-14-2011 06:18 PM

Practice cantering with your saddle without stirrups for a while until you feel comfortable. You really don't want to be pulling on your horses mouth like you described.

Poseidon 03-14-2011 06:26 PM

Loping bareback is SO much easier than it sounds. Especially if you're riding a smooth horse. Just relax your hips and you'll stay on. It's sooo much easier than trotting bareback. I was terrified when I did it, but I was told it was much easier than you'd think. It really is.

Tip: If you feel like you're going to slip, do not wrap your arms around their neck. I've only loped bareback once (I've only had the opportunity to once). I did that when Poseidon took off before I was ready. I fell. I was fine, but it hurt. Don't make my mistake!

rosie1 03-14-2011 07:56 PM

I agree with working on your horses canter before trying if you really feel uncomfortable with attempting, I would also suggest working his transitions a lot as well so that when he comes back down you won't be subjected to a bouncy unorganized trot which is where you'll probably have the most issues staying on if you were to try right now
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Skipsfirstspike 03-14-2011 08:43 PM

If you are worried about speed, then first get your horse going consistently in a nice easy slow lope under saddle.
Once you are ready, it is really just a leap of faith, ya just got to take a breath and go for it. And you will love it!

WhoaMare 03-14-2011 10:18 PM

I can relate! I used to ride bareback when i was a kid ALL the time- and a million miles an hour at that! As an adult "re-rider"- not so much. My balance isn't worth a crap. The first time i cantered as an adult bareback, I did it on one of the trainer's (gaited) lesson horses. I was skeered so i chose the horse I knew would tolerate anything i did, lol. It was awesome! Then i cantered on a slightly more challenging (gaited) horse. Finally i made it to my own horse (NOT GAITED) and I have never been so happy to canter in my life, lol. It was much smoother than her trot and much easier to stay on.

I can also relate to hitting the dirt at a canter. I got flung off running barrels (no, not bareback) and landed on my face. That was big fun- NOT.:twisted:

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