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Hidalgo13 03-15-2011 10:20 PM

Ipod touch 4g
This isn't really horse talk but I have no clue where to put this thread.
I love listening to music and miss having an ipod. If I get the job I want this summer, I want to put some money aside and get one. I want the new ipod touch because although the 3g is really cheap now, the new one is apparently well worth the extra money for the extra quality. My friend is also moving to the states to finish high school because she is staying at a boarding school where they have a hockey program integrated into the educational one, and I want to be able to facetime/skype her with it.

My problem is, do I get 8GB, or 32GB? ... The 32GB would be nice because I could take pics and videos. On the 8GB I don't think I would have much room for that.
It's really frustrating that there is no 16GB! I don't' want to end up spending a fortune on the 8GB and regretting it in the end, because I used all my memory real quick, but 320 plus taxe for the 32GB seems like a lot for just a piece of (ok really cool adn amazing) but silly technology. I tell myself I could use that money on like riding clothes or a more intense art class, but I don't get treated often to cool high tech things like most around me do, so at the same time I feel like it's my treat for living without an MP3 player for so long.

I could still live without one of course, but it's just nice to have when I work out or when we go on long trips and I get really bored because my dad doesn't like listening to music when he drives (hence very silent trip), and when we DO put music on it's always classical (least dis- concentrating apparently). I love classical music! Don't get me wrong, but I don't necessarily want to listen to only that during half a trip ya know?

Basically... what do you think? What would you do? I know I could probably just buy a webcam for 30 bucks and then an ordinary ipod shuffle for a fraction of the price... but the ipod touch just seems like... so much fun. :)

PintoTess 03-15-2011 10:28 PM

I have a 8gb and it is enough for me. I have over 60 apps and have heaps of room still left.

Eliz 03-15-2011 10:41 PM

Edit: Ignore. My computer spazzed.

Hidalgo13 03-16-2011 07:06 AM


I have a 8gb and it is enough for me. I have over 60 apps and have heaps of room still left.

thanks! That's a relief. :)

jinxremoving 03-16-2011 07:28 PM

Honestly, 8GB is more than enough for the average user if you limit how much music you put on the iPod and make a habit of copying videos and photos to your computer to free up the space.

For example I have a 16GB iPhone and it has 899 songs that only use 5.72GB and then I have about 4GB for apps (mostly big games!) and the rest is free used to store videos and photos, etc. Also keep in mind that you won't get the full 8GB of space it would technically be 7.1GB because some of the space is used for the operating system, etc.

Opus 03-17-2011 04:52 PM

I bought the 32 GB model last summer and I have about ... 20 GB worth of stuff on it at the moment. I like that I have a 12 GB cushion for extra videos and music. And I like not having to choose what I put on it and what to leave at home. I just take it all.

But that's me. I'm probably not the average user. I like the extra space and it's only about $70 more than the 8GB model.

Hidalgo13 03-17-2011 08:40 PM


But that's me. I'm probably not the average user. I like the extra space and it's only about $70 more than the 8GB model.

Ya but taxe is a high where I am, so in the end it would be almost 100$ more. I would like the extra space, but my music repertoire isn't THAT big and although I would like to take pictures and videos, I'd probably not take that many. 16GB would have been perfect, but ya now that I think of it, 32 would be way to big for me. I would probably end up with 20-15 GB left if I actually really tried to fill it with as much as I could.

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