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mystikal222 03-16-2011 01:56 AM

3yo Paint Gelding-QTs Back In Black
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Attachment 58259 The winter pics are from 2009 and the summer ones obviously 2010.Sorry didnt have better positioned summer pics but those were my most recent with no saddle.So,whatdaya all think conformationwise? Havent decided what we are going to "do".Hes a grandson of QT Poco Streke and built like a reiner I think,throws his nose to the dirt all on his own so we are working in western pleasure.He is 14'3 in the front,almost 15 in the back last time i checked a few months ago.

Horsegears 03-16-2011 09:21 AM

Longer limbs, slightly longer and upright pasterns, slightly upright shoulder blade and forward set wither, back on teh longer side, hind a touch lean, appears as a more refined type. Leaner neck. Probably still has some growing to do. Should have a bias towards endurance, rather than western speed.

mystikal222 03-16-2011 09:30 AM

I sure hope he still has some growing to do! lol Also,if anyone has any guesses at about how big he will end up (hh) throw um at me :)

Sahara 03-16-2011 10:41 AM

My QT Poco Streke grandson topped out at 15.3 hh. I found that my gelding was a bit on the hot side. He definitely needs a job to do. But my mares (QT Poco Streke's grandaughters) are calm and level-headed, quiet trail mares.

mystikal222 03-16-2011 10:51 AM

Salem may have a gender identity disorder lol He is the calmest,most patient young horse I have ever seen,even before we gelded him! I actualy picked him out of 25 yearlings for his sweetness.Trails? No where else he would rather be! Alone or in a group,he loves ridding through the property at our barn.The girl I got him from had a brother of his (not sure if full or half,but same sire) and he was the same and also built very similarly.I dont like the short neck but love his long legs (hope he doesnt grow into those tooo much)and praying he gets some decent height (not a fan of shorter horses lol).But even if he had an extra hoof growing between his ears,I couldnt find a better horse :)

Sahara 03-16-2011 11:02 AM

Yep, sounds just like my gelding......until he turned 4. :wink:

mystikal222 03-16-2011 11:32 AM

:hide: Oh crap......No really though,Im not worried.I work where I board so I use every morning walk to the pasture and again on the way in as an opportunity to train,I work with him every day and I keep everything focused on him respecting me as well as making it all pleasent for him somehow.If ever an issue comes along,we just work right through it (and we have had our share).
I know we still have a lot to get through and past but I dont think his general overall personality would ever change and thats what I love about him :)

Horsegears 03-16-2011 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by mystikal222 (Post 964373)
I sure hope he still has some growing to do! :)

When I say growing, I mean by propotion, in other words his body may not only grown in height, by also change shape, I would expect girth to deepen, possibly wither to set back a little, and pasterns add a touch of slope.

Sahara 03-16-2011 11:51 AM

I am sure he will be just fine. I had 3 to work with at the same time, and I was spreading myself too thin. If he is your only focus, I am certain you will be very successful with him. I actually ended up selling my gelding in order to focus more on my mares. He has been with his new owner almost 4 months and is really blossoming under her leadership. Best of luck to you!

Elana 03-16-2011 11:54 AM

I looked at the first pictures (2009) and my reacion was yuk... but then the 2010 picutres got rid of the yuk and he looks really good.

Another horse with a super topline and a short back. He is so smooth from his back into his rump.. and so strong there. I really like that a lot. He also looks to have a pretty good conformation to his hind leg.. but the photos make it hard to tell (the 2010 images).

His neck ties in nicely to his shoulders. He looks solid.. needs to mature a bit.

Does he forge (hit his front feet with his back) at the trot? He has that look (long legs).

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