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haffiepastures 04-21-2008 12:45 PM

Getting into shape for Fair
Hi everyone,

My daughter is in 4-H for her first time this year. She is wanting to take our 6 year old Haflinger mare and will show her, and then the mares foal in halter classes. Now, I have had horses forever, it seems anyway, and did a lot of showing back in my day, (many many days ago! lol) but I feel that we have a huge job ahead of us getting this mare back into or anywhere near show condition! The mare is sweet as can be, but also lazy, and a very easy keeper, so she has a lot a excess weight. I don't want to push her too hard, too fast, especially with a little one by her side. Does anyone have any suggestions for a program to start getting this girl back into shape in about 4 months?

MistyAcres 04-21-2008 04:59 PM

My mare just foaled out the beginning of March. She has about 75 extra pounds that need to come off. I tried to lung her in the round pen (foal aka Annie on the outside) and Annie was frantic. I now have Annie in the round pen with us. I work the mare for about 10 minutes at a slow trot (5 minutes each direction). Annie will run along side of her mom for a few laps and play. If Annie does a lot of running, I will stop the mare and let them both catch their breath and Annie suckle. I don't want to over work Annie, since she is so young. Be careful if you decide to do your round pen work with the foal in there also. Some mares will run over their foals and hurt them.
You may also want to try to have someone hold the foal and groom on it while you are working the mare. Keep the sessions short for now and work your way up and be cautions of the foals needs.

Bitless 04-22-2008 07:57 AM

Troting and a little hill work is a great way to getting a horse fit and in shape.

But im not sure how to handle it with a foal as i dont have experience dealing with wee ones.

If you could pony mum with foaly following, to start with a light work out in the paddock of trot to walk transitions. Which would resemble a slightly more than average time bub would spend racing around the paddock playing on its own i think would be ok to start with ( correct me if im wrong tho ) . And kinda progress from there.

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