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SonnyWimps 04-21-2008 02:02 PM

Boarder rant
Okay this rant is of another boarder at the stables. There are only two and the lady (we shall call her "Mary").

Mary bought her daughter a pretty Belgian/TB cross. The only reason they bought that mare was because the price was right and it was close to the stables.
Well the mare turned out to be too much horse for her daughter. She was well-trained, but headstrong and spooky. Finally Mary's daughter lost interest in the mare, so they put the mare up for sale.
Sadly, they haven't sold the mare yet...she's in horrible condition...her hooves are all flared and her mane looks like dreadlocks.

Mary only comes maybe once every other month to make sure the mare is still alive, but doesn't excersize her, pet her, or anything. The last time they stopped by, the girl took the mare out to do something with her (not sure what), and when she was done, she put the mare back in the pasture, kicked the mare, and then shut the gate and left. No wonder the mare hates people and if frightened by them!

Anyways, my rant mainly starts when the snow in winter was fairly bad. I told my barn owner that since Sonny hates stalls, I want him out 24/7 even in bad weather...because it's healthier for him and he'll be happier. Well the barn owner agreed and never would bring Sonny in.
Well, when the weather was bad (either really snowy or freezing rain) Mary would come and put her horse in the stall...but not only would she put her mare in...but she'd put Sonny in as well...she did that three times.

I talked to the barn owner and told her that if she doesn't talk to Mary, then I will talk to her. I explained to her that Mary does not have a right to put my horse in a stall unless she has my permisison first...she doesn't take care of her horse so I don't trust her with my horse. The barn owner apologized and said she'd speak with her...and after that I've had no problems with Mary.

But when I left the barn today, I saw Mary and her son (? I think it was her and her son...I didn't get a good look at them due to we were in the car driving away) and they were near Sonny petting him and hand feeding him hay. Okay, I don't care if they hand feed him hay or pet him...but Sonny is NOT a kids horse and I know for a fact that he would not treat a kid any different than me. My worry is for the kid. Sonny spooks easily....he spooked at his hay this morning (pathetic, yes :lol: ) and I know that if that boy gets hurt I'd get in trouble and so would Sonny.

I'm unsure if I should call the barn owner and let her know, or just live with it. I don't think the little kid would do anything for really all he was doing was looking at Sonny from a distance.

What would you do?

Just Mary herself bugs me...she doesn't take care of her horse...thankfully we got her permission to work with her ride her and whatnot...but still. She's a grown lady...IMHO she should take responsibilities and take care of her horse.

PoptartShop 04-21-2008 03:54 PM

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Wow, that's terrible. :evil: I'm glad you can work with her horse. She should definitely know better!
Poor mare...I hate when people treat their horses like crap like that. Ugh.
About the issue with Sonny, I don't think it's that big of a deal unless the son comes in contact with him more. Maybe next time you see them say nicely, "Sonny is kinda spooky & doesn't really do well with kids, so be careful you don't get too close." Or something like that. ;)

SonnyWimps 04-21-2008 05:23 PM

I know! The first time we worked with her we just lunged her around and then groomed her...when we weere lunging her, she had so much energy that we just put her in the arena and she ran around and around and around...we weren't even making her go...she got herself all sticky and icky with sweat...we tried to stop her after maybe 5 minutes...but she wouldn't stop...poor girl.

I will mention that to her, but I don't think she'll listen...she doesn't particually listen to the barn owner either at times :P

dtwh 04-21-2008 05:35 PM

Well that woman sounds like a real winner.

At least ya'll get to work with the poor girl! Sad though that the owner doesn't have the motivation...or care for that matter.

I would tell both the owner and the woman that your horse is spooky and could potentially hurt someone. If the woman doesn't listen, then that's her own doing. You should at least give a warning though.

Sorry you have to deal with this!

PoptartShop 04-21-2008 05:38 PM

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Aww, that poor horse never got out/exercised much. Shame on those owners! :evil: That horse is lucky to have you there to help her a bit though. ;)

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