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butterflysparkles 03-19-2011 07:03 PM

Considering a Falabella mini
Hello! I was considering buying a falabella mini, but have not had much experience with horses:oops: (which is why I am starting out small, VERY small:lol:). I need to know how much space, feed (please tell me how much a foal needs and an adult needs), wormers, and, what age can they be sold at? Is there anything else I need to know. Thank You!

equiniphile 03-19-2011 07:07 PM

Have you considered taking lessons or helping out at a local barn first? Jumping into horses headfirst without prior experience usually has some ugly results.

ArabianLover2456 03-20-2011 04:03 AM

A falabella and mini are not the same :|
If you don't have much exerience with
horses, you really should NOT be getting
a mini, and i doubt your parents would
even let you. Its an expensive hobby that
you really need to be committed to. I
would look at some riding schools where
you can start learning how to ride and
care for a horse and go there for at least
a year before considering buying your
own horse. And it sounds like you want to
breed your mini? There is an over population
of horses, so there are thousands dieing
in slaughter, every single day. I highly
doubt that you want to contibute to that
even more.

CheyAut 03-20-2011 06:13 AM

Actually a falabella IS a mini, just one originating from the Falabella family (people).

To the OP: What do you want to do with horses? Is it really a mini that you want, or are you considering one just because they're smaller? There's a lot to learn about horse care. If you might want to ride someday, start taking lessons and learning horse care while you're there. If it's truely minis you're interested in, find a nice helpful breeder near you who will take you under their wing. See if you can help out at their farm in exchange for learning. You'll make a friend and learn how to care for your future horse :) Join your local mini club as well.

The two mini regisrties are AMERICAN MINIATURE HORSE ASSOCIATION and Welcome to the American Shetland Pony Club/American Miniature Horse Registry. and a great place to learn about minis is L'il Beginnings Miniature Horses International

ArabianLover2456 03-20-2011 06:58 AM

well yeah but a miniature horse and ponies are different types of minis aren't they? haha im a bit confused :)

butterflysparkles 03-20-2011 10:21 AM

CheyAut: I actually LOVE little minis, but I do know you can't ride them! I was looking into taking horseback riding lessons to get used to just being around horses, and with the stable that I was wanting to get lessons from, they allow you to do some of the work for mucking and everything.
I had also though of helping out some of my neighbors who own horses, and was hoping to visit the farm to see if I could help out a bit.

ArabianLover2456: Actually, I wasn't looking into breeding.

equinifile: Yes, I am looking to find some good riding lessons.

ButtInTheDirt 03-20-2011 11:22 AM

First off, there is no way you should even think about a horse if you've never had a riding lesson or even have any horse experience. I took lessons for around 5 years before I got my first horse. My horse was actually a over grown pony, which I can still ride even though I'm taller now. Minature horses cannot be ridden, however. At least they should not because they are not built for it.

And if you are thinking about breeding a horse PLUS you have zero horse expereince.. That is a horrid idea. Unless you are open to the fact that those babies grow up, cost alot of money, and most likely will end homeless like thousands of horses. And homeless horses don't just run free, they get sent to slaughter which means later on people are eating the unwanted horses. Do NOT consider breeding, it will just be a terrible situation.

Also, just because a horse is smaller does not it is any easier to handle. Smaller horses just eat a tad less, but they need just as much care and dedication as a regular size horse would. There is still lesson costs with this horse, which wouldn't cost less because the horse is smaller. Ferrier costs, tack, fencing, food, shelter. There is costs that come with every pet, no matter how big or small. And as for breeding, people who responsibly breed horses still have to deal with huge costs. Simply breeding can cost anywhere from $100-2000 depending on the stud. But then you have to pay for multiple vet check-ups, and even then the cost of having diffuculties with the foal. The mare could die, aswell as the foal. You could end up spending thousands of dollars just for an animal who will just contribute to overpopulation.

In my opinion, from what I've heard, you are not suitable for a horse or pony. If you just want to jump in and start breeding horses that are already being killed because of over population there is no purpose for you to join the horse world. If anything start taking lessons. You can get your fix of horses there. If thats not enough, see if you can help out at a farm. But do not just go out and think a horse is an easy deal, it's not.

I have two horses, which I have to wake up every morning and go feed. Plus there is training them, grooming, cleaning up poop, fixing fences if they fall. I have to do this every season, whether theirs snow on the ground, or the sun is beating, or the pastures are swampy. I know it wouldn't be any easier if I had ponies, they need just as much care. I've had to go out and put up a pasture fence that fell. It was out in the swamp in the middle of the winter, plus I fell through the ice a couple times. Are you willing to do all of this just to have a horse sit out in a pasture? It's not like you can make any money off a horse when it's just sitting there, and with breeding you loose much more money than you are making.

If anything get an experienced horse after a couple years of lessons. Horses don't always listen, and aren't always what you might dream. Sometimes I absolutely hate my horses, and others it's like I'm in some sort of dream. But either way, it's not an easy ride. Even if this is not what you wanted to hear, it's true. The first horse I got wasn't completely trained. I've gotten thrown off of him quite a few times, and I've had to go to the hospital. You can still get injured by a pony, too. I've been kicked by all sorts of animals. Trust me, a pony might be smaller, but their kick isn't much softer.

Sorry if I seem harsh, but it's the truth. If people just tell you sugared up things you will be in far over your head. Horses can be fun, but it's not always just fun and games.

CheyAut 03-22-2011 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by ArabianLover2456 (Post 968625)
well yeah but a miniature horse and ponies are different types of minis aren't they? haha im a bit confused :)

Ponies aren't exactly miniature horses. I'm confused what you mean.

Falabellas are MINIATURE horses that originate from the Falabella family. Miniatures are horses (or yes, ponies) that are 38" and under. If you have a pony of any breed that measures under that, sure, it would also be considered a mini (there are many shetlands who are also registered as minatures).

Butt in the dirt (lol love your name), she never said she was breeding, in fact above your post she said she is NOT breeding.

Rather than be mean to the OP who is asking questions (YAY!) and say she's unfit to have a horse, it's much more helpful to help her find ways to learn about horses, and then when she's ready she can get one (or find out there's more to them that she doesn't like... ya never know).

dirtymartini 03-23-2011 07:01 AM

Yes, I think it is great she is here asking questions! I do agree, butterfly, that you should wait a bit before jumping in. I want to give my 2 cents about Falabella vs "regular" minis....not that I am an expert by ANY means, I love this forum because I am learning so much. I just want to say that I pfrefer the little, thick, hardy minis rather than farablellas...I think they are easier to "keep" and care for. Farabellas are so dainty!

Take your time, get tons of info and don't rush this decision. Good luck!

ArabianLover2456 03-23-2011 11:19 PM

yeah i know miniature horses and miniture ponies are different, but i got confused when cheyaut said a falabella IS a mini

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