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WoodvillePark 03-21-2011 02:46 AM

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Hi I am posting this regarding bits.
I one of my horsey magazines nearly all this pictures of the poines have a dutch gag on, and in that magazine they call they 3 ring snaffles. So what are your opions on them? Do any of you use them?

And there are also the hanging cheek snaffle which my friends uses. I was just wondering Do any of you use them?

I was also wondering if you cou;d post a picture of the type of bits you use? I think this could help every one out.

I use the snaffle on my pony Archie.

Also every bit is a harsh as the riders hands.

horseloverd2 03-21-2011 03:25 AM

My mare's favorite bit is kimberwick bit:

I use it for general riding. She holds her head well and is happy with it. She hates pretty much any other bit including snaffles. But since I'm training her to back while engaging her hindquarters, I've been using a twisted snaffle:

She wouldn't back worth anything with the kimberwick so I put this on to wake her up a little bit. She finally realized she was supposed to move away from the pressure and is now backing nicely, hindquarters working well. I barely have to touch the reins now so I'll probably start using the kimberwick again.

And I totally agree with you, a bit is only as cruel as the riders hand. Even the gentlest bit can make a horses mouth sore with rough handling.

EDIT: Swapping pics

whitetrashwarmblood 03-21-2011 03:32 AM

^ I rarely have to use it. I mostly use voice commands with my mare. It's more like an emergency brake.

I think any bit could turn ugly with the wrong rider.
I always cringe when I see someone riding a horse or pony with a huge curb bit, and they're constantly yanking on the reins.

Hrsegirl 03-21-2011 01:12 PM

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My boy was really hard mouthed, so I was looking for a different bit. I did some researching and came up with NP Sweet Iron Loose Cheek Western Curb Bit. I tried it and he seemed to like it alot better than what he had. So this is what we use now:
Attachment 58843

My girl just uses a rope hackamore. It seems to fit her well and she likes it better than having a bit in her mouth.

eccodecco 03-21-2011 01:43 PM

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So The first image is Ike in the new head gear. It was used for racing but its just around his ears and to the bit now. he throat latch was to tight so I took it off. No nose band. I'm looking to get bit guards to make sure the bit doesn't slide through his mouth. We just started using the Loose ring (picture 2) and its ok in the ring so far. gets him more relaxed faster but we just started riding this season (two days) This bit I learned is only good in the ring as he doesn't have the best breaks so although he stops in the ring he doesn't on the trail. hahaha
The third slow twist full cheek snaffle is what I have been riding him in for the past seven or so years. He responds well to it I just wanted to try something milder.

What do you guys think?
Also, does the loose ring look alright? or do i need a different bridal

eccodecco 03-21-2011 01:49 PM

also, He will never back up unless i'm on the ground (only about two steps then his head is in the air and he stops) I back him by hand up slopes and he understands and backs straight. Also I have driving reins and can back him up when i'm on the ground using those (and the bit) but even after training him to do this with no resistance he still wont back under saddle. His saddle fits so I'm not sure what to do next.

might I need a different bit?

crimsonsky 03-21-2011 02:34 PM

i've never had a need to use a three ring/pessoa/dutch gag like the first bit you posted so i have no comments/info there. same with the second bit.

my gelding has been through several bits in the years that i've owned him, all in the belief that i wanted him in the softest thing i could possibly put him in. turns out he is just NOT a fan of a french link/double broken type snaffle (of course after idk how many different versions of that i tried!). this is his current bit (or the best google image i can find that looks like it). it's a loose ring eggbut snaffle and it's some type of metal that i can't seem to readily identify but he loves it. love love love.

Kayty 03-21-2011 08:17 PM

Eccodecco - be careful removing the throat latch, it is there for a very good reason aka to stop the bridle falling straight off if they scratch their face or such. I was trail riding with a friend a few years ago, both on our ottbs. She was not overly into cleaning her tack and as a result her bridle was quite stiff and cracked.
A kangaroo jumped out in front of us and her horse spooked quite violently. The throat latch snapped, and he took off flat out up the track. As soon as my friend tried to pull him up, the action on the bit pulled the head piece over his ears as he ducked his head down, and the bridle came off.

Hence, I would NEVER ride if my throat latch was looking a little 'unhealthy', let alone without one altogether.

As for bits, my horse is currently in a loose ring french link snaffle, but is very fussy in the mouth so I have been recommended to try a hanging cheek/baucher which apparently will stablise the bit in his mouth a little more.

Allison Finch 03-21-2011 08:45 PM

Yes, I have use the three ring gag. I most often use it with two reins, one on the snaffle and one on a lower ring. The idea of the rings lower than the "snaffle" ring is that when you pull back, the bit rotates. This pushes the ring that the bridle attaches to forward as the bottom rings are pulled back. This forward rotation pulls the crown piece of the bridle down onto the poll nerve. This is sensitive and gets the horse's attention without putting painful pressure on the mouth. The two sets of reins allows you to use just the snaffle. If you use only one set of reins, I would suggest you never use the bottom ring. It simply has too much pressure to use alone.

The second bit is a baucher bit. I have used them and really like them a lot. They stay really stable in the horse's mouth and horses often really like them.

My most commonly used bit is a fat double joiinted Herm Sprenger bit. I NEVER use any bit made of twisted wire, slow twists, corkscrews etc etc etc. Smooth only!

bubba13 03-21-2011 09:47 PM

I'll use just about anything, but I love Mylers (of most types) and most types of short- to medium-shank curb with a two- or three-piece mouth. If the link in my signature is any indication, I'm an addict (I also have the bits you have pictured profiled in the thread).

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