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Gizmo 03-21-2011 01:48 PM

Other Eye Going Blind?
Just to start off the vet is coming on Friday, it wasn't an emergency and he already had an appointment for friday so I will ask him or her about it then.

Anyways I think Gizmo is loosing vision in his other eye now. I was told when I bought him that it wasn't spreading but its sometimes something you can prevent and sometimes it just spreads, especially when they have it in one eye already like he does. It has had this shade of blue to it since I have had him but it has only been runny one time and I washed it out with eye wash and gave him some aspirin and it got better quickly. But I was really looking at it today and yesterday and I can see where his pupil is if you look really hard at it but its very small not like a normal pupil and he has one small white speck on the inside of it as well. But I haven't had any trouble with it or any real signs. He just has been a bit spooky lately with riding, but that's mostly because he hasn't been ridden on the road since November or so.

What do you guys think about what I see in his eye, oh I have been testing his reactions to things like putting my hand in that eye and stuff, his reaction times are ok... he reacts when I get close but farther away he doesn't really, but that might be because I am not close.

Either way I still love him and would ride him. I just wish the poor horse could have one eye to see out of, poor thing has had pretty bad luck all his life.

ShutUpJoe 03-21-2011 03:10 PM

Poor boy : ( It sounds like he may be losing a bit of vision. I know with Mystery/Sheralynn she would blink when I put my hands right in her face because I would touch her whiskers around her eyes. Let us know what the vet says for sure.

Gizmo 03-21-2011 03:46 PM

Yeah I will. I hope maybe if he is we can get him on the meds that slow the process down, if its not too late. Other than that eye leaking that one time I haven't seen anything else. Since I have had him I have noticed that he didn't have a pronounced or regular pupil at all. But lately his eye seems to be more blue looking and then I saw that white spec in it. I am sure he will still be a great riding horse though. He trusts me really good I will just have to be really careful on trails and stuff where I will really have to be his eyes now. If the doctor says he is losing his vision in that eye. I'm holding out for him.

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