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Spastic_Dove 03-21-2011 02:10 PM

Allergic to Horses?
Thankfully, it's not me that has the problem.

But it is my boyfriend :shock:

He got an allergy test and of all the 947369347 things he is allergic to, horses are the absolute worst :roll:

He's been getting the allergy shots, but still gets sniffly even when he's sitting in my truck.

Has anyone had experience with allergy shots and things like that when it comes to horses? As it is right now, I have to shower and wash my clothes even if I go out to the barn and feed -- I don't even have to have groomed/ridden any horses.

Do the allergy shots ever make it go away or will it just get more manageable?

riccil0ve 03-21-2011 02:13 PM

Get a bashkir curly? They are supposed to be hypoallergenic. Hair VS fur and all that. I hope you can figure something out. My friend's husband is the same, can't be in my truck without dying. =\

mls 03-21-2011 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by Spastic_Dove (Post 970069)
Do the allergy shots ever make it go away or will it just get more manageable?

Unfortunately just more manageable.

Former boarder who's husband was deathly allergic. He loved to come to the barn parties to hang and play with our dog. Wife would have him hold horse - for "just a second". EVERY SINGLE TIME they ended up in ER on the way home because he couldn't breath. Just holding the end of the lead rope.

Spastic_Dove 03-21-2011 02:20 PM

Oh god :(
I was really hoping I'd be able to get him on a horse one day. ****.

Unfortunatly, getting a curly isn't an option though since I am usually one quite a few different horses per day. Boo.

mls 03-21-2011 02:25 PM

There are medical advances and break throughs every day.

Never give up hope!

Spastic_Dove 03-21-2011 02:30 PM

Very true, MLS! Optimisim is key :)

Hmm... At least now he won't be able to come to the barn and see all the new things I bought over the weekend...

Tennessee 03-21-2011 02:43 PM

If it makes you feel better, I've been allergic to horses since birth and have been riding since I was five or so. hahaha. The shots, sadly, do not eliminate the problem completely, but help a lot. I'm not deathly allergic to them, but the allergy is still there. Shots help quite a bit, though. They are definitely worth looking into.

I wish you two the best of luck!

GreyRay 03-21-2011 02:44 PM


Originally Posted by Spastic_Dove (Post 970107)
Very true, MLS! Optimisim is key :)

Hmm... At least now he won't be able to come to the barn and see all the new things I bought over the weekend...

Haha! Bad Spastic!
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franknbeans 03-21-2011 04:06 PM

Well, having been MARRIED to one of those super allergic types....for almost 35 years....I can say that it does not go away, the shots never helped in our case at least. I still have my horses, had them at my house even for several years, just built it with what he affectionately called a "decontamination room" that I had to go in before I could step foot in the house......strip my clothes off, put them immediately in the washer, shower. Just a part of life, if I want to have horses. He also cannot EVER sit in my truck, neither can our son, who got hubbys "good genes" Sadly many allergies get worse with more exposure, in fact.

Not worth an ER visit (once was in ICU on a vent when he tried to stay at his friends house overnight-they have horses), so I do what I have to. Our MD kiddingly says I am trying to kill hubby with my hobbies. lol. Neighbors see me a lot in my undies-I figure from a distance it is no different than a bathingsuit-just a little stange in January.:shock:

Sad part is-hubby LOVES animals and they love him. When we have them at the house they knew when he got home, ran to the fence and he gave them a carrot-then immediately in to wash hands and face.

You are very right tho, it does have its positive sides-he has NO CLUE how many "clothes" my horses have, how many saddles I have.....for only one butt!..HAHA! He just shakes his head when packages arrive anymore-he has stopped asking. :wink:

Kasubi 01-13-2013 02:57 PM

Hi - just saw this and wanted to mention my experience.

I used to ride a lot as a kid but didn't for many years. Returning to it as an adult, I suddenly discovered that I was allergic to horses! It was so upsetting. I love riding, but it's misery when your eyes go red and your skin gets itchy.

I spent ages online looking for solutions. I don't get on well with any of the antihistamines, they always make me extremely drowsy.

One forum post suggested Vitamin C.

I wasn't convinced, but I was out of other ideas, so I gave it a go... I've never looked back.

I take a 1000g tablet the afternoon before, and one a couple of hours before I go riding.

It works like a treat. Completely stopped the reaction. Though I noticed that if I'm still wearing riding clothes several hours after taking the tablet, my eyes start to itch. Provided I change clothes and take a shower, I seem to magically dodge any discomfort.

Not sure if it'll work for everybody, but I'd certainly recommend giving it a go if you haven't found a solution yet.

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