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hollybygolly22 03-25-2011 12:33 AM

Hi. This is my first post here. I have a video on my mare jumping into the water for the first time, and I want opinions on if I was riding it correctly, what I could do better, etc.

Please don't be harsh, but I'm always looking to improve.
THANKS, Guys!!!

Alwaysbehind 03-25-2011 07:54 AM

Welcome to the forum!

I assume you kept looking back to get input from whomever was helping you?

usandpets 03-25-2011 09:09 AM

I don't know if you already know this but when a horse needs to investigate or check out something in front of them, they need to be able to put their head down. Your first thought might be that they will jump when they put their head down and pull it back up. I did notice you let her put it down once.

She did well if that was her first time going in water. I would have taken her to the other side first to have her go in without having to jump down. Then when she's comfortable with the water part, you can add in the jump.

I'm not very good at critiquing how someone rides, but it seems like you did well also.

hollybygolly22 03-25-2011 11:13 AM

To the first person, yeah :) My friend's mom was trying to give me a few pointers.

And, she's wonderful with water and has done it many times. This was just her first time going down a bank into water.

farmpony84 03-25-2011 11:27 AM

She looks like a sweet mare. I have to agree with usandpets though. I'd have let her take a look-see. To me she looked like she was trying to figure out the best way to take it and you didn't allow her to look.

but she looks great. good luck to you.

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