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abi 03-25-2011 11:40 AM

***competition*** please read
Hi all!!

I was wondering if you could help me out???!!

My name is Abi Hayward. I am a student at Plymouth College of Art, and I am currently undertaking my Majour study, where i am creating a zine or small book
containing horse Illustrations, and hopefully short stories or preferably, poems.


I was hopeing if people could send me some sort of text to fill up the pages?

I am looking for:
The brief is open, any size, any topic as long as it is horse related.

Must be a maximum of half a page so 3 short paragraphs telling a small horsey tale.

Thank you very much for helping me out, please email submissions to:

Chosen entries will be notified and will receive the digital illustration accompanying the poem.

Marlea Warlea 03-27-2011 03:16 AM

here is mine :)
BTW y is this in the competition area?

Walking down the sunlit beach i see a marvlous sight, a horse with wings so large and great, so bright they look made of light!
I climb aboard and off we go racing the dolphins jumping oh so high!
As i look down below i can't believe i can actually fly!

Marlea Warlea 03-27-2011 03:17 AM

oh... soz... i didnt read the last bit ;/ but it's short so you can still use it i guess

abi 03-27-2011 05:59 AM

thanks marlea!!
its really good, got some ideas on what i can draw to accompony it, thank you very much though its a great help!

when my modules finished (end of may) i will send you a copy of your poem with the artwork attached :)

baisically how it was presented in the zine.

Hidalgo13 03-27-2011 09:25 AM

They snort and prance in anticipation
The breath in deeply the morning air

And when the fog settles, the sun rises,
They pick up their wings and start to dance

Hope this one is ok too... it's sort of short but I didn't have time to make it longer.

abi 03-27-2011 11:58 AM

thanks again! it doesnt need to be particularly long, but thank you :) im just trying to gather a few because baisically im making the zine 24 pages.

2 pages being back and front covers

12 pages being illustrations about the horse

10 pages hopefully of short stories and poems


but yes yours is good i'v got ideas!

Marlea Warlea 03-27-2011 06:31 PM

mine has a longer version, but i just can't find where i put it!!

Hidalgo13 03-27-2011 08:17 PM


They snort and prance in anticipation
The breath in deeply the morning air

And when the fog settles, the sun rises,
They pick up their wings and start to dance

oups little mistakes in there.

It's suppose to be this:
They snort and prance in anticipation
They breath in deeply the morning air

And when the fog settles, the sun rises,
They pick up their wings and start to dance

fuadteagan 03-27-2011 09:44 PM

I feel the trot of my horse as to say “don’t give up ! don’t give up !“. I love my horse but its so hard. I look at the black stallion’s shoulder. I put my hand down and I pat his neck. my friend looks relieved “set up the jump“ I say.I picked up a flat out canter and keep going in circles till the jump is set up. “READY !“ yells my friend. I look at the ground , as if it were a real person , a real enemy. I stay calm and trot my horse to the jump , calmly I lift into my jumping position. I feel my horse take off and we touch the ground , connected like were the only things in the world.I feel a exploding power and I feel my eyes close and great pain . I wake up and look around. I’m surrounded by doctors and family members and I have a wrap around my head , “what happened ??“ I ask “ you fell off your horse “ says the doctor. “ Ohh “ I say .I look confused and lost I ask my mom "How is Loco" she replies “good I think we got that covered for a day". I turn to the doctor “ when can I go home “ he replies “ soon , just sit tight and no riding for a while “ ……. Days go by and my parents report back to me about Loco my baby , my life , my horse ………. Its time to go home , I pack up and I head home the doctor says “ no riding ! “ and my parents made sure I did not a week went by and my parents said something to me that was every horse owners nightmare “ we have to sell your horse whats the point of keeping a horse you cant ride “ and then my dad adds so meanly “its like its stealing our money “ I look at them not even stopping to think or try to hold the tears “ I HATE YOU ! “ I say bursting into tears , heading to the barn , my parents stop for a minute then follow , I grab the lead rope and clip it on Loco’s halter , I lead him out of the stall and I try to find a mounting block , with blurry eyes , I hop up , not so gracefully and before thinking , I pick up a gallop holding on for dear life , I go wherever Loco wanted to go , we went to a big field , miles from my house , I never ever missed my parents and I never thinked during the time , i had grabbed my backpack , which I had food in , before I left and we had a creek and a big field of grass.
Umm I have more

fuadteagan 03-27-2011 09:47 PM

so elegant
so amazing to watch
in love

draft horse
extremely large
look at those muscles they are big
in love

A horse is a treasure
Be it big or small
Commenara or Shetland
Draft or gaited
Every horse is special like people
forever you should love them

Abused Horse

I graze my land and sit close to my mom
She neighs to me
I play around with the foals
Oh what it is like to be free
Man yelling a screaming herd us up
We get taken to a bad place
My mom is calm
I neigh staying close to her side
I get forced into a tight place
I see a horses ribs sticking out of his stomach
The man yells at me
He takes my mom and i never see her again
The man takes me and its my time to leave the earth
Bye everyone
Bye earth
I love you

My Horse...... The First One
I got my horse one day
I looked around to see
a horse it was black
he nudged me
I smiled big
this was
the best
day of my
life could not
even breath when
they opened that stall
door and i have been through so
many horse now but he has a special place
in my heart for ever and ever
he is a horse that neighs
at your everytime you
come in his stall he
had a smooth trot
a super willing
he had a
spot on
he was
so special
in his own way
one day he fell sick
i cared for him patiently
he was so very special and
talented i could not believe what
was happening so i put on my happy
face and i went out to the barn with the
vet but then the vet told me that he was
not going to make it the worst day of my life
i will never ever forget him and his black body

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