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phantomhorse13 03-27-2011 08:45 PM

Rabbit Run ride
my 2011 ride season has begun--first ride was the Rabbit Run 50 on saturday, in the pine barrens of nj! :o

jersey is infamous for sand, pine trees and rain. i have ridden in jersey many times and every time, without fail, it has rained. not this year though. this year it was dry, but cold!

arrived at ridecamp friday morning to bright sunshine and strong, icy winds (30+ mph) with chilly temps (35 w/out windchill). dreams was filthy despite all the grooming, but so were most of the horses is it was simply too cold to bathe them. we vetted in all As. had plenty of time before the ride meeting to socialize with friends i hadn't seen all winter while dreams munched her hay.

that night, it dropped in into the low 20s. i sleep in the trailer with no heat, so had brought all 3 sleeping bags. i was actually quite toasty, but woke to find this in the morning:

that is frost on the inside of the trailer!! also had a good 2 inches of ice in all the water buckets. made for a chilly start, but dreams felt great.

jersey is known for its sand and pine trees and this year was certainly no exception.

however, for the first time there were cranberries washed up along the sides of the bogs, which was pretty cool to see:

there were also dogsled mushers out practicing! we first saw a couple teams tied up along the side of the trail:

then got to see this:

def not the normal jersey scenery!!

overall, the ride was exactly what i wanted. i wanted to run it in a 5:30-6 hr pace, to set us up for our next ride in 2 weeks. our ride time wound up being 5:42. the fact we tied for 9th place and got another top 10 on our record was just the icing on the cake. dreams was happy and was asking to go faster every step of the way!

the route:

from my garmin:
(not much hillwork needed here :lol: )

[i can't get the videos to embed.. anybody clue me in to what i am doing wrong?]

Nokota 03-27-2011 09:16 PM

dont know how to imbed, but great pics. glad to see the cold didn't stop you.

phantomhorse13 03-27-2011 09:31 PM

ok, so now when i look at it, they are embedded. guess i had to go do something productive and the forum gods fixed it for me!

QOS 03-27-2011 10:10 PM

Thanks for sharing! I watched the videos and am pea green with envy. I think my butt will fall off if I rode 50 miles though!

AKBarbWire 03-29-2011 02:30 AM

Looks like a great ride, top 10 is fantastic.

I never got to ride there when I lived in NJ, the dogsleds aren't even common to see up here! Fun.

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