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ArabianAllie 03-28-2011 11:05 PM

from dr. bristol to full cheek copper snaffle
Just rode my new horse for the first time today at our new barn. When I test rode him he was in a Dr. Bristol(i think it was eggbutt), which, I know is harsh. Today he acted like he hated the snaffle and everytime the cheek would touch him he would move his head. I'm wondering if I should maybe try a french link, or continue with the snaffle. just trying to figure it out. I know on the old dr. bristol it had what seemed to be a large center piece for that bit. I'm not sure I had ever seen one that big.... what to do, what to do. help :-)

SPhorsemanship 03-29-2011 10:16 PM

If he doesn't like the full cheek pushing on him then why don't you try an egg butt or loose snaffle? He sounds sensitive from what you have said (is he?) so I would go with a double jointed bit. Please use a mild bit! Harsh bits may seem like they "fix" a problem and bring you a step ahead but they really bring you three steps back.

By a snaffle did you mean single-jointed? A french link is a double jointed snaffle(so is the dr.bristol). If you were to get a double jointed snaffle, you could get a french link snaffle or a different type. Does he not like the nutcracker effect of a single jointed snaffle?

ArabianAllie 03-30-2011 01:40 PM

He is very sensitive. he doesn't act as if anything hurts him, he is just very responsive. Yes, a regular snaffle. I don't trust myself to use a dr. bristol! I don't like harsh bits. I'm going to try a regular eggbutt snaffle, and maybe a french link, since he is used to the double jointed.

ArabianAllie 03-31-2011 01:42 PM

what do we think of this bit?

JP Oval Mouth Eggbutt - Jeffers

SPhorsemanship 03-31-2011 04:07 PM

That would be a very good bit for a sensitive horse. There is no nutcracker action, the bit curves more around the jaw and the bars of the mouth and the cheek pieces are very comfortable. If you wanted something even more mild, then you would go with rubber(but that's hard to find with egg but cheek pieces). I like using metal bits more than rubber bits. They seem to communicate better (not by pulling!!!!!). I think rubber bits are good for young, sensitive horses but they don't last as long as metal bits. The bit in this picture has curved bars which is nicer on the horse's mouth too.

Nutcracker action doesn't really pinch the horses mouth like it says in the description because the bars of the mouth keep the bit too wide to pinch the tongue.Pinching only occurs, usually with a straight bar bit, between the tongue and the bar of the mouth. What happens with nutcracker action is where the bit is jointed, when it bends, it hits the horse's palette(which is sensitive). When riders yank a horse's mouth around and see-saw their mouth then it hurts the bars, the tongue, the teeth(if they pull hard and fast) and with single jointed bits it really hurts the palette. From the way you said your horse reacted to a single jointed bit, I think a double jointed bit would be better. The one in the link would be perfect.

barrelracer892 03-31-2011 04:28 PM

I use that same exact bit on my horse. He absolutely loves it and I can communicate with him really well. Plus, it was very affordable.

Northern 03-31-2011 08:16 PM

The JP bit has excellent features, but remember to see whether or not your horse likes it. Some horses want copper, e.g., & this bit has none.

ArabianAllie 03-31-2011 08:18 PM

He has never had copper until the other day when he acted like my full cheek copper snaffle was the worst thing ever.
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Northern 03-31-2011 11:08 PM

You need to know whether it was the full-cheek feature or the copper that he disliked.

ArabianAllie 03-31-2011 11:10 PM

welp... I think it was the full cheek. and he had never used copper before. he has had an eggbutt dr. bristol before.

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