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dirtymartini 03-29-2011 08:32 PM

*PLEASE* help. Huge summer sore on filly's face. She keeps reopening it, vet has been

Ok, here is the story. I really need help because it is killing me to see her face this way, plus, I am squeamish and I swear, I gag when I have to put meds on!

This has been going on for about a month. She is a 2 yeard old paso fino. Sweetest temperment EVER! I realize now I should have had a fly mask on her from day one. her eyes were runny, I guess she rubbed hard, and then flies started swarming around the open area. I called the vet and sent a pic to her. She agreed a fly mask and Aluminum Spray should be fine.

For about a week or two, I would see the wound almost healed...then, I would see her rubbing it and it would be open and disgusting. Then, it would heal up again. Last week, when I checked, it was AWFUL, the worst I had seen it. I called the vet again, and sent her a pic. She came out yesterday and cauterized it, plus, here is what meds she gave the filly, plus the meds I am to give her for the next few days...

She tranqued her and cut off the dead skin and then cauterized.

She gave her an injection of Dexamethasone

I see also "lasix injection" on the invoice-not sure what that is?

Then, I got 3 packets of trichlormeth/Dex, to give her in her food once a day.

When that powder is gone, I got a bottle of liquid dex to give her every other day until wound is gone.

I also got an ointment to put on twice daily, it is SSD wound cream mixed with 3 other things...I know one is a fly repellent, can't remember what the other 2 ingredients are.

After I put on ointment, spray w/alushield and then put on fly mask.

What do you think? Any tips or tricks out there for me?

I may post a separate thread for this. I want to know why there is not a hard, helmet like fly mask to put on a horse to protect it from rubbing a facial wound??? No one has ever heard of that, and I am surprised. I would think a soft plastic helmet type fly mask, with small holes punched all over so it can breathe, would be a great idea.

SpiritedLittleCopperSpots 03-29-2011 09:30 PM

Wow, sorry to hear it took a turn for the worse! :-(
Sounded like she was on the mend....

Hmmm, you know what you could try....
What about altering an existing fly mask by inserting/attaching some fort of guard yourself
on the inside?
I have not seen pics to know the exact location or size, but maybe if you could use an empty "tupperware" type container to cover the area?

Big enough in diameter that if she does rub, it's edges are to the outside area of the wound, and then shallow enough to fit in place under the mask, but also deep enough that again, if she rubs, it won't touch the wound....
Some thing that won't collapse under some pressure, you know?
Also something with very smooth, thicker edges, so that if it does touch her, nothing will scrape or cut.

Does that make any sense at all, or was it just a bunch of gibberish! :wink:
Sure wish I could zip over! You know I'd be more than happy to try and make some thing to work....

dressagebelle 03-29-2011 10:25 PM

I would be worried that sticking anything even semi hard on her face when she's already itching would just lead to more abrasions from the hard part than she already has. And I can see her getting frustrated and smacking her head into something harder because she's not getting the result she wanted. Is there any way to like tape a gauze pad over the wound with surgical tape? Give it an extra bit of protection when she does try to rub. Or tape the gauze pad to the fly mask itself so that she's got some extra padding that isn't necessarily bugging her even more because of surgical tape on her skin? It sounds like she just needs a lot of diligent care, and meds, and something to help cover her wound so that it really can heal. Too bad you can't wrap it like you can legs. I hope she heals up soon.

dirtymartini 03-30-2011 06:57 AM

Thank you both! I think you BOTH are onto something with attaching something to the fly mask itself. I think DB's idea is good, because when she rubs with that fly mask on, it is like a mesh scratching her face, seems like that is the WORST thing. At least something soft...hmmm, maybe I will even dab some wound ointment on whatever soft item I attach? Although I don't want it to rub in her eye.

It really looks bad. As soon as the sun rises, i have to feed (about 15 min) and I am DREADING looking at it. Also, makes me sad, because she used to trot over to me in the paddock and now she runs from me. :(

Left Hand Percherons 03-30-2011 10:45 AM

Lasix is a diuretic. I can only guess that it's an adjunct for something else that was given to make it more effective.

In your explaination of what treatment was prescribed, I don't see anything to treat the underlying problem, larvae. Without addressing this, the wound will heal than reopen constantly. Dex is a steroid given for it's strong anti itch properties. Also, you do not need to give the injectable form in an injection. You can give it orally.

BarnQueen 03-30-2011 07:34 PM

My boy had a summer sore last year, it wasn't getting better, and the vet just told me to treat it topically... I did some research online, and the problem is that the flies lie their eggs in the spot, and those larvae grow in there, which makes it so SUPER itchy.

So, the solution =) that pretty much instantly made everything a million times better and allowed for the huge sore to heal was Ivermectin! Just worming your horse with an ivermectin wormer kills the bots/larvae!

In addition I would also put SWAT (anti fly & ointment in one) cream on the spot, to kill of new flies (just to help the healing), but I think the Ivermectin paste is what you should try asap! I bought two tube, but it pretty much go better and stopped itching immediately, so I didn't need the second one. If it is super super bad, you may want to spread out two tube over a couple of days!

Let me know if that works - it worked for me!

dirtymartini 03-30-2011 10:02 PM

Perch-so there is definitely larvae in there? Ugh. How do we know that? Oh, the dex was injected the first day by the vet, and now I have a liquid to squirt in her mouth.

Barn,oh, tell me more! You just give a normal dose? Just one time? Please give me more details!
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Left Hand Percherons 03-30-2011 10:31 PM

That's what a summer sore is. I realize we might all call things the same when they are in fact different but a summer sore is stomach worm larvae that is layed in an open wound or mucous membrane by flies. The simple solution is deworming with ivermectin. I would double dose or do 2 back to back daily doses. If the opening is somewhere other than by the eye, you can swab another tube of ivermectin on the wound itself.

dirtymartini 03-30-2011 10:41 PM

Ok, thank ypu! I have been googling since my last post. I want tp add that the cream she gave me is 4 thongs cpmbined. A fly repellant, ssd wound cream....and I am embarrassed to say I dont know what the other 2 ingredients are, I will find out tomorrow. There might be sOmething that addresses thw larvae that I forgot about.
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dirtymartini 03-30-2011 10:45 PM

But I still want to do the oral dosing of ivermectin, also. Just want to get the go ahead from her. Is there any possible adverse reactions to double dosing? Also, why couldn't I wrap a bandage with some of her prescribed ointment on it around the wound? I could put the tape on yhe actual bandage, not on her skin.
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