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LoveStory10 03-30-2011 12:57 PM

Not dead... but gone :'(
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This is my farewell to 3 incredible horses, which I have spent the better part of five years with. Arrow Star, Pharist Dancer, and Bishop. They left my life to a better forever home, where they will live happily till the end of their days.

Arrow is an 18 year old, brown mare. She is an absolute sweetheart. She was my first “project pony”, and she taught me so much. She was the first horse at my barn that I completely fell in love with. We had our occasional fights, like when I wanted her to canter, but she thought it would be more fun to trot, but she made me a better rider for it. I love her so very much and I will miss her forever. I remember when my friend Jess rode her once; she refused to move for about 10 minutes. Jess got frustrated, but I believe it made her a better rider as well, as she can now ride almost any horse.

Pharist is a 16 year old, chestnut mare. She is absolutely beautiful, and is a really sweetheart. She is unridable, due to neglect at her previous home, but spent the 4 years with us as a happy pasture pet. We loved visiting with her; brushing her mane, telling her how pretty she is. She has a bit of a temper to other horses; biting or kicking out at them, but with people she is a perfect lady, and will always wait until you move away to come for her food. She was a nightmare to catch, and she still is, but not as bad as she was. She is a wonderful mare, and I am so glad she came into my life, and I will miss her dearly.

Bishop... My beautiful one eyed old man. He is a 24 year old bay gelding, who is the laziest, grumpiest horse you will ever meet. He likes to try bite me at every possible opportunity, and to get him to move I REALLY have to ask, but I couldn’t ask for a better horse. He took me to my first show, and he took Jess to her first show, and even to Nationals. He took care of her, and me, and did what he was asked as well as he could, even being disabled with only one eye. Bishop is my heart horse, and for as long as I live I will never, ever forget him, neither will Jess, because that horse has so much of our hearts, trust and respect. We love him so, so very much, and we always will, no matter what.

These horses have been part of our family for five years. We love them all very much, and it is will incredible sadness that we have to say goodbye to these wonderful animals who taught us so much, and turned us into the rider’s we are today.

We love you Arrow, Pharist and Bishop. We always will...

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equiniphile 03-30-2011 01:40 PM

I'm so sorry, it's always hard to give up a horse. Can you visit them at their new home?

LoveStory10 03-30-2011 01:57 PM

Well, they've gone to live with my instructor's sister, and they have both told us that they will make a plan one day for us to go see them, so hopefully yes :)

It's just so sad knowing that we will never get to the stables and see them

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