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FoxRidgeRanch 03-30-2011 09:13 PM

Help Show Halter Fitting! Please!
Ok I have looked at a few websites and they don't agree on the way to fit a show halter. Where to a need to measure I know it has to be snug and well fitted but I don't know what number's I'm looking for I just measured around my filly's noseband (all the way), the cheek strap and all the way from the back of the head (around the neck).

Noseband: 19" total
Cheek: 6"
Around the neck: 26"

I basically measured everywhere her regular halter fits but snugly. Also what oil should I choose? I have a few halters in mind but I'm not sure of the sizing obviously yet :)

Tack : Quality Horse Tack & Horse Supplies - Image Closeup

Royal King Congress Show Halter -

Here's the filly that I'm hoping to show. She leads like a dream and is almost ready for showmanship. She backs when you face and walk towards her without lead pressure. She walks and trots with you in pace. Needs to learn to pivot but is otherwise awesome to work with.

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