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Bandera 03-31-2011 09:33 PM

Sore in front left
I recently bought a horse that had minor lameness in her front left (1.5 grade) for a eventing and jumping horse (her prepurchase did not show then but I think they missed it... Long story...) any way the new vet injected her coffin bone because she had some lolipops in her navicular bone xray and she was slightly off but we have no proof it's naviclar because there had been no changes yet. Anyway... I have been doing flat with her for about 6 months but before I bought her she was going around a 3'6 course no problem. I jumped her over a
Few cross rails at the trot and had some tight canter turns and she seemed fine and was easy to come round while I was jumping her. I bring her out 2 days later and she is stiff/sore/lame in her left front at maybe a 1 degree lameness, she was tracking up less with the front left about 1 1/2 inches. We buted her and my trainer saw her today and she was better a lot better but still slightly off. Tree was a vet out there and she looked at her and there was no heat or swelling and no tendon/ligament soreness. Could it be she is sore because she has not jumped in a while? I'm really worried this might mean the end of her jumping career... She stays sounds through galloping and bucking and really hard work and she was just a bit off, no head bobbing or hicking up her left shoulder or anything. She was depressed that day too
I noticed...i don't know, I'm just worried because she was my solid preliminary prospect and has so much scope and I don't know what I will do if she can't ever jump again... What are your thoughts???
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