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nworkman82 04-01-2011 05:19 PM

Riding problems... Pulling.
The issue that seems to reoccur while riding is my horse pulls against the reins while riding. She understands commands. It's mostly being stubborn. My trainer and BO say time in the saddle. Firm and consistant direction. And I am doing things right. Just keep with it. You say right. She says "no let me try left. Oh you mean it? I'll turn my head, but my body still will go in a left direction. Oh you really mean it? Fine but I'm gonna try again....." After about 30 min of being a snot she'll literally sigh super loud and give up. If keeping with it is what I need to do... Then I shall... But thought some input wouldn't hurt from others with lazy stubborn horses can't hurt! I get lots of advice From BO daily and prof training/lessons when I can afford it, but I work alot by myself. Don't worry my horse is safe for a beginner (my trainer and BO say I'm an intermediate, but until I am more confident I labor myself beginner) and has 100% approval from my mentors. She's just a little stinker and wants to to see what she can get away with, ya know? No rearing prancing bucking etc. Just a "I don't waaaaannnnaaa" attitude in the arena. On trails is where she wants to be, but it's no practical for a beginner to ride off alone. Arena work with others is safest, so that's what I do.
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tinyliny 04-01-2011 08:51 PM

you can always try going the direction she wants to go.
Two ideas:

One; play the "ok, you want to go left game, then we're going left and left and left and le . . ." until she stops. Then, offer her to turn right and if she chooses left, then circle her left until she quits. Offer right, and again and again. Careful not to make her so dizzy she falls over.

Two; Try the game called "Cruising". You get on, give your horse a very loose rein and in an enclosed space like an arena, ask her to walk on. The rule is, she must walk, if that is the chosen gait, and she may go anywhere she likes but she CANNOT STOP OR CHANGE GAIT. You do absolutely NOTHING and I mean nothing until she breaks one of those rules. IF she stops, you may kick,cluck shush or whip her forward to the same gait. If she breaks gait, you may pick up ONE rein and bring her to the one rein stop, then drop the rein and immediately ask her to cruise on. She may go anywhere she wants , even if she stays in one corner of the arena , as long as she keeps moving. You may not touch the rein at all unless she breaks gait. NO babysitting. only intervene if she actually breaks a rule.

Try it.

makin tracks 04-07-2011 01:40 AM

Might have to try that 'cruising' myself. Never heart of it before.

To me it does sound like your horse is trying you out nworkman82. Sounds like she may have got away with it before too.

You can also try this.
Start at a halt then you can progress to walk etc.
Loose rein - holding the buckle.
take one hand forward and grip the rein and bringing it to your hip on the same side.
Horse isn't allowed to change gait or move if at a stand still.
Then let go.
Do same on other side.
There is no routine, you do it different directions and for differing lengths of time. This way the horse is having to listen to you and can't pre-empt what you are doing.
We actually started doing this for suppling but it has been great for increasing obedience too.

Another idea is to make sure that you are looking in the direction you wish to go. i.e. if you are wanting to go left then ensure you are looking left even when she argues and wants to go right, you must still look to where you wish to go. This ensures that your weight is telling her to go left and makes it more difficult for her to do the wrong thing.

nworkman82 04-07-2011 05:16 PM

She is def testing me. She is intelligent and knows how to play my emotions. Ever seen a horse give puppy eyes? Yah she mastered that one. Especially when Im leaving. "Mom, don't leave me, come back, scratch my butt, now get the treats there over there... Dance my puppet" Everyone keeps telling me she wants to see how far she can go. The trainer tells me to just keep riding, put hours in the saddle, and stay firm and insist she follows direction. She says she is stubbornly lazy, but still a gentle girl... And will soon give up and accept she's not in charge. Thank you for the ideas. Having a game plan and different approaches when she wants to be silly helps alot. I notice she likes to face the barn. She's not buddy sour she has an eating disorder called gluttony. I am also changing my riding times to not be directly before evening feeding. Your tips, and that, are helping. She still is a stinker but she's giving up faster. I'm an eternal beginner but she is giving me the right amount challenge without being dangerous! Love the tips. Keep em coming!
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