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mlkarel2010 04-25-2008 09:11 PM

Last night my town got hit by a tornado :cry: The only part that got hit was downtown.... which is about one block, but it's the only block where all the businesses are..... we're all glad that no one got hurt and just buildings and stuff were damaged...... we cleaned up and everything pretty quick and there were a bunch of volunteers....

I'll post pictures as soon as my camera charges

appylover31803 04-25-2008 09:12 PM

wow! that's crazy :shock:

I'm glad no one was hurt too.

PoptartShop 04-25-2008 09:21 PM

Wowww. :shock: That must've been scary. I'm also glad everyone was okay. :)

buckaroo2010 04-25-2008 10:24 PM

OHH WOW thats not good im glad you are ok!!! and atleast no one was hurt!!! :shock:

KANSAS_TWISTER 04-26-2008 04:38 AM

i live in constant fear of them....i hate this time of year!!! we live 51 miles west of greensburg (largest tornado ever recorded to hit a down) there is nothing more chilling then to hear the warning sirens go off!!, i found this on youtube, it's a video taken in our county about 2 months before i moved there.......

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