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twh 04-03-2011 09:41 PM

Issues With Prospective Horse
I am looking for a new horse, particularly one who is versatile and open to new things. I am an intermediate to advanced rider, and I don't mind challenges.

I rode an 8 year old QH gelding today. He goes both English and Western (I rode him Western). He has response I've never seen before: the lady who owns him (and claims she's had him since last July) taught him everything off the seat and legs. She only uses the reins to slow him at the canter and request him to lower his head, i.e as far as I can tell, she's been instilling in him a pre-dressage training.

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Problem is, his trot and canter are crazy. You can't do a sitting trot on him yet (she explained why, but I didn't catch it). When he started trotting and I tried to sit it, I was thrown on his neck. Posting was fine.

His canter startup is... indescribable. He kind of crow hops violently into it. Once you get him into it, he's fine, but his canter is not at all polished or smooth. He kind of leaps along, and the last canter I did, he did a couple of mini rears and mini bucks. I told him to knock it off, and he did, and resumed his leaping canter.

He seems to have a nice temperament. When I was on him, he didn't really do anything bad or even get overly exasperated because I was messing up his very subtle cues in the beginning.

He also has a bad head tossing habit, and he seems to hate his bit. The owner claims she's ridden him in hackamore, and said he would need a standing martingale under English for a while. He had no head correcting equipment on when I rode him.

Needless to say, a trainer will be looking at him if I really decide I am interested. He would also get professional training if I did get him.

My question is, is this something I should get involved with? Polished up, he'd be a very nice horse, but I'm puzzled as to why his owner spent so much time teaching him all these things (she claimed she even taught him flying lead changes, but I didn't verify it. She claimed the mini-rear/buck thing was him changing leads three times), and completely neglected his gaits? What do you think?

I have a copy of his pedigree if anyone wants to look at it.
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Islandmudpony 04-03-2011 09:47 PM

I'd say keep looking at other horses... you don't want to end up on the "know when to quit thread".

CJ82Sky 04-04-2011 09:43 AM

he sounds like potential teeth issues, never properly trained to accept bit contact, and that he's rushed into trot and canter work and needs to go back to basics. trot and hill work to build muscle and balance before he goes into any sort of canter work or slower/more collected trot for sitting and so on.

do i think he's fixable? yes. fast? notsomuch.
the question to me is - are you willing to invest in a horse that needs some retraining that could take several months (or more depending on details of horse and trainer) before you can have a ready to compete or easygoing all around mount? is his asking price worth the additional cost/investment of time and training? based on your personal situation and answers to those questions, i think you will have your answer on to buy or not right there! good luck! :)

justjump 04-04-2011 10:00 AM

I personally would not. I'd keep looking. There are other greener ones with way more potential and a better movement that would just need more work. I'd keep looking(:
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ptvintage 04-04-2011 10:27 AM

Keep looking. Try out some more horses and if you keep thinking about this one, then you could revisit it, but this one doesn't sound like what you're looking for.

upnover 04-04-2011 12:58 PM

For the most part i agree with CJ.

My main question though is, how long has this horse been in "training"? If he's only been broke a few months? Eh, I'd say it just sounds like he wasn't started great but some of those issues (not being fit or balanced, improper transitions, etc) on that green of a horse aren't as big of a deal and could be fixed. If this horse has been this way for 4 or 5 years? You can find a better horse out there for sure. As an 8 year old though I'm thinking he's been ridden without proper training for a while and my gut would say find something else.

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