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manca 04-06-2011 09:43 AM

Which breed do you think he is?
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This is about 6years old pony-gelding. What do you think which breed is he? I was told he was cross, but not between what.
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candandy49 04-06-2011 10:09 AM

Very certain there is some Welsh or finer boned breed in him. Could be a Shetland cross, but I very much doubt that possibility. On the other hand....? No question about how so very cute he is.

horsecrazy84 04-06-2011 10:26 AM

I say Shetland/Welsh cross.How tall is he?

flytobecat 04-06-2011 10:31 AM


lilruffian 04-06-2011 10:37 AM

Shetland cross. Maybe mini, maybe welsh. I know you can get shetlands that are finer boned like some Welsh's...

Azale1 04-06-2011 01:43 PM

definitely would say shetland welsh cross, from a couple of picture looks like could even have some mini in him, but not sure of his height.

tempest 04-06-2011 01:58 PM

I was thinking Shetland and mini.

my2geldings 04-06-2011 02:13 PM

The typical answer you will get is welsh, but I think what you need to do is see what your local, most common pony is-local to your country.

What we have here, will be different than what you have there. Do some research guys and take a look at what she has locally.

manca 04-07-2011 02:41 AM

Most common are welsh ponies, shetlands and islands ponies. Few minies, but they are rare, also german ponies. It's very possible that he is a shetland, welsh cross. Do you think he has any islander in him?
And he has about 12hands, maybe a bit less.
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Cowgirls Boots 04-07-2011 03:27 AM

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i jsut wanted to say he is adorable !

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