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KateS 04-06-2011 03:19 PM

Critique 2 year old filly - Barrel Prospect
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I am hoping to go look at this filly on Sunday and I want to know what different peoples opinions are. She will be turning 2 this year. This is the link to her bloodlines. Special Money Bug Quarter Horse I really like her bloodlines as far as a racing bred horse. The sire is a proven barrel horse. Red Dun Stallion Services - MRH Fancy Money

The first picture is her as a yearling last summer. The other 2 are pictures of her from this winter. I know they aren't the greatest pictures and I am hoping to get some new pictures tonight that I will post when I get. In the picture of her as a yearling it looks kind of like her back legs are toed out but I will be getting pictures specifically from the front and back hopefully tonight. She is about 15h now.

KateS 04-06-2011 04:35 PM

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I got some additional photos. It really looks like she is a bit toed out. Do you think it would be a big deal. I don't want to spend this kind of money on a bad conformational horse. With regular farrier work it would definately be better but not necessarily perfect.


beau159 04-07-2011 12:20 AM

Very nice pedigree indeed! I'd take that for a barrel horse prospect any day.

Overall, she looks decent conformation-wise ... except that hind toes out like your mentioned. I guess I don't know either how much it would affect her. Personally, it doesn't look that bad as she still is fairly straight through her hocks and they are not turned out THAT far. But I do think your best bet would be to get a farrier's advice.

And if you are spending any decent amount of money on her anyway, a pre-purchase vet or farrier exam might be worth the little extra money in the long run.

My mother's horse is toed out in the back, similar to how this horse looks, and she's never had a problem with barrels or gaming.

If you can see this horse moving, that might help give you some more information too.

tinyliny 04-07-2011 01:03 AM

You did not mention if you felt she was toed out in front or back. ? Personally, I dont' see toeing out AT ALL. it is normal and correct for the rear feet to be facing outward a tiny amount and for the hocks to be facing each other a tiny amount. NORMAL. It is necessary for the femur bone (stifle) to be angled away from the body a wee bit so that it clears the large abdomin as it tracks forward each time the horse lifts his back leg and reaches under himself.
I like the conformation of the filly a lot , from what I can see. She isn't on flat ground, like concrete, so hard to see hooves and small details.

HorseProduction 04-30-2011 11:01 AM

What a beautiful filly :)

KateS 05-01-2011 11:55 AM

Thanks, I did end up getting her. She has put on a ton of weight in the week that I have had her. When I got her she was skinny and needed alot of work. She hadn't had much work done, all she knew was how to follow behind you. Catching her was next to impossible in a big area. In the week that I have had her she now picks up her feet nicely, moves her shoulders over beautifully, moves her hip with hardly any pressure and knows the cues for walk trot lope as well as the cue to slow down to a trot or walk. She is still very nervous about me touching her head and because of that it sometimes takes a bit longer to put the halter on but I can approach her with no problem. She is a very smart and willing to learn horse. I definately lucked out on her.

I will try to get updated pictures on her regarding the toed out back feet. It is alot more noticeable now than it was in those pictures. But I am pretty sure that once I get her hooves trimmed that will help correct it.

misskingraven 06-06-2011 10:46 PM

She looks great! Good luck :)

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