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Jr_lover 04-27-2008 02:21 PM

Side passing...
Ok so i know there is like a certain technique you should use to teach ur horse how to sidepass but i don't know it. I was trying to teach Junior how to sidepass but i figured i should quit until i find out the right method because he would side pass like once or twice and then fight me and have a fit so i quit before i screwed up and did something i would totally regret.

I also wanna teach him how to do like other things while riding other than the normal stuff because i want to do something with him since he can't do anything big or any sports that i really enjoy alot because of his knees i think it would be cool to teach him things and get some things interesting in our riding instead of the normal stuff. I want to do more. lol well if u have any ideas of things to teach him u can tell me and a description of how it is taught would be nice.

I am also open to tricks on the ground too but i would prefer things in the saddle. I absolutetly will not teach him how to rear though so don't even mention that.

country_girl 04-27-2008 11:29 PM

the aid for side passing is just open ur inside rein and use ur outside leg to push him over. but dnt just hold pressure on the outside leg u have to do the old squeeze no response kick still no response whip. but just to start off with one or two steps is enough and just reward him. i don't think there are anyways of teaching this on the ground but there might be im not sure

AKPaintLover 04-28-2008 02:21 AM

If you have done any parelli, playing the porcupine game with the front half and the back half from the ground will help you to teach this from the saddle. If you haven't done parelli, just basically teaching when you touch his neck area (where the rein might touch) lightly (increase pressure until he moves his front away) and when you touch behind the girth a small bit (where your leg would go) lightly, he moves his hind away. Get those really good and him responding to the lightest touch by moving that half of the body away..from the ground first...then get in the saddle, and cue with the leg and rein in the corresponding areas for him to move away from that pressure....start light and increase pressure. Reward every litlte try. He will feel like he is zig zagging front - back - front - back at first, but he will get smoother in time and with practice. :)

Jr_lover 04-29-2008 07:28 AM

ok thanks i will try it and tell u how it goes.. Do you guys have anything else in mind that i can also teach him,

SonnyWimps 04-29-2008 10:19 AM

what about being able to back up through a line of cones...going around each cone?

or how about teaching him how to bow

notorious_ 04-29-2008 11:22 AM

okay, so the first trick is to teach your horse how to JUST move their rear end around.
thats easily done if your horse yields to pressure.

first you must start out on the ground. move the rear end over then move their nose over. its pretty much like the sideways game that pat parelli teaches you in natural horsemanship. once you've got the hind nose thing down, think of a good cue [the best would be where your foot would be while riding]

EquiSoup 04-30-2008 03:45 AM

I just want to applaud you on not wanting to teach your horse to rear. There are too many people out there who think that'd be cool...and end up with a dangerous situation.

Jr_lover 05-02-2008 07:53 PM

Haha no i'm not that stupid.

I would teach him how to bow but he has weak knees and i don't know if its a good idea i mean i know he could probably do it but just in case i would rather not teach him that.

I'm looking more for things kinda like dressage moves and stuff.
Which at the moment i think i'm going to focus on sidepassing but i would like something else to teach him afterwards if u guys have any oher ideas because i think i pretty much understand how to teach him to sidepass right now.

Thanks by the way for all ur help.

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