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NicoleS11 04-07-2011 04:33 PM

To ride my horse or not...
I recently moved my horse to a friends place that I pen with.

Im just learning how to pen and my horse isn’t exactly the best for me to learn on but we get by.

The guy that I keep my horse at his place agreed to haul my horse for me to shows/practices. Hes very competitive and doenst like to loose so ive noticed that lately he keeps offering me his horses to ride instead of me riding my own. On Tuesday we went to a practice and he text me half way threw the day and said I could ride one of his horses because there wasn’t room in the trailer for mine. That’s fine…but they hauled a girl who has her own trailer…she could have hauled herself…why was my horse left out?

Then tonight we are planning on going to a practice and he just text me and asked me if I would mind riding one of his horses because the cows are used and are more likely to challenge your horse. My horse isn’t 100% confident and it will just wreck him if he gets beat by a cow so I understand why he offered me one of his horses…but at the same sense how am I supposed to get any better if im not riding my own horse?!?!

Then another friend of mine that I pen with called me and asked what I was doing tonight. I told her we were going to the practice but the cows were used and right away she said "ride one of Bennys horses, dont wreck yours!"

Im thinking im going to ride his horse tonight but im gonna have a talk with him on the way. If he wants me to ride his horses all the time, that’s fine by me but then ill sell my horse. Whats the point of me paying a board bill for a horse I barely ride. Or he needs to have a little faith in me and my horse and start hauling my horse like he said he would when I moved my horse to his place!

Am I just being crazy or do I have a valid point to be a little upset about this??

shmurmer4 04-14-2011 03:23 PM

Sometimes, it's easier to learn on a more experienced horse and then go back to a horse that is more green in that discipline. So that you know how everything should feel and move; so that when you use your horse, you can feel whether it is doing it properly or not.

McuesHiSierra 04-14-2011 06:36 PM

I think you should keep trying to bring your horse along! There is absolutely no harm in taking a new horse to these events. Just stick with it! When we start our new work horses, one of the necessities is to cut, pen, and sort. If this is something your interested in you should definitely pursue it! Hang in there!

Zimalia 05-07-2011 11:43 PM

I agree with Shmurmer. Take advantage of riding the more experienced horse. Learn what you're doing, so that you can then try and show your horse.

It's very difficult to try and learn a new discipline on a green horse.

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